World watching after Saudi crown prince ousts top officials

Sweep seen as present of pressure by Mohammed bin Salman; Connor Powell stories.

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  1. Suzy Kuehn says

    Saudi Arabia, if you think, for one minute, that we buy your claims of fighting corruption you have have underestimated us, altogether and entirely.

  2. Rabinowitz Shekelstein says


    Bunch of inbred goat fuckers who flaunt oil money because they have the IQ of niggers. There is nothing royal with sand nigger blood.

  3. simhopp says

    It is becoming more clear now that the Only Final Solution to this Muslim question is to nuke the 3 unholy sites of Islam with Tsar Bomba.

  4. Jolly Stuxxy says

    How in the hell do you go and blame Iran for a missile strike when you know it came from Yemen retaliating for attacks coming from Saudi? lol

  5. Günther Lehmann says

    But But But, they are all friends of Hillary and Bill. This is a witch hunt! Looks like Trumps fascism take over the Saudi regime.


    Dice it how you like but TRUMP has spoken and now princess atlala is crying..

  7. UsserError says

    Hillary see what's happening in suadi arabia…… are you scared? Your family and friends are next.

  8. ThumbdownMan says

    why are they wearing picnic table covers on their head?

  9. MadWillyLove says

    World watching what?!?……I've been to the zoo…..seen the monkey cage already.

  10. IonlyRob White420Dealers says

    Fun Fact:White People have 12 Neanderthal DNA aka Chimpanzee BLOOD 😨 and 25% of White Kids are born with tails 😅 Explains thier animalistic behavior. 100% True. Link below

  11. A Change says

    It is possible for Saudi Arabia to rout out government corruption but it is NOT possible for the United States to rout out their government corruption. Hmmm.

  12. Jeremy Parsons says

    its simple, they are going broke and just like in china, they are now going after the richest people in the country to take their money and property to re-invest back into their economy

  13. The Truth says

    Saudis are fighting poor Yemen. Yemen hits them back with a missile, and to their Logic it is Iran. lol!

  14. The Truth says

    This is normal. This is how the middle east has always been. Nothing new.

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