Will Trump get any credit for keeping NKorea on its heels?

The rogue regime is all of a sudden assembly with South Korea to scale back army tensions; the consultants weigh in on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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  1. John Grytbakk says

    The Left will never give their opponents any credit. Ever.

  2. gg g says

    Make US great again and who cares for NoKo or soko.

  3. Christien Scheepers says

    These liberals talking heads could "potentially " be talking BS ! I have always wondered why most politicians are falling-over old….BUT you cannot trust anyone under 60, they are just plain STUPID ! uh uh uh uh uh ……..duh !

  4. Yun Fu says

    lol will fox news stop sucking dick ? id say no never

  5. bobothecreepyclown says

    South Korea has unilaterally suspended military exercises with the US & unilaterally agreed to hold talks with North Korea without US participation or input. Trump still hasn't appointed an ambassador to the ROK (or Australia for that matter). Key allies in the region & around the world are working around the USA. Trump only deserves credit for damaging the US's international relationships & having badly damaged it's prestige & reputation. Trump is an object of ridicule in every capitol on the planet.

  6. TastyCritters says

    Anyone scared of President Trump's tweets needs mental evaluation. A tweet should not scare you; Killary &Co. should scare you. Monsanto should scare you. The possible extinction of bees should scare you. Nuclear reactors on fault lines should scare you. Liberalism should scare you. Knowing that liberals are dumb enough to believe CNN should scare you, but sadly that is part of the liberal agenda: brainwashing. Stupid liberals are the real threat to humanity.

  7. j Law says

    Huh? Nothing has changed.. lol..trumps takes credit for doing nothing..congrats.

  8. Albert Dimacali jr says

    You mean the Penis Measuring contest he called diplomacy? Hell yeah he should get credit…the Fox Entertainment News should say "Trump Still the Biggest Weiner in The World." That is not Fake News…#TrumpBigWeiner

  9. Warren Douglas says

    The answer to the header is no! If he walked on water, developed a cure for aids, cancer,in all its forms, and every other known disease, he STILL, would get no credit.

  10. Nix Six says

    Someone needs to look into why these people are "experts" in the first place…obviously they have no idea what they are talking about.

  11. Scott Payne says

    Rev. Sun Myung Moon said in December 1971, in Washington DC, that the fate of the human race would be decided @ the 38th Parallel!

  12. James Simmons says

    Your guest is not overly bright. He is "scared of Trumps tweets"? Well so is Lil KImmy. Can't you see that? Trump is a master in the business of understanding what motivates human beings. Plainly your guest is not. Listen to Trump and learn….

  13. Louielamson2000 Tran Nguyen says

    North Korea Regime (Kim Jong Un) and South Korea they have played war games, batting back and forth in the past three decades, and American taxes paid for all cost for this crisis. This war game need to stop, because both North and South Korean take advantage the U.S. taxes pays. Soon or later, this war game must end.

  14. Franklin Randall says

    Credit for escalating diplomatic disputes or helping NK wrap up their nuclear programs? You people are delusional

  15. me heretoday says

    Trump will take the credit for all that is good in the world just as ISIL takes credit for all the bad in the world… doesnt mean either deserve the credit they claim though… both crazy

  16. X YZ says

    Funny as hell. Trump is playing all the less intelligent.

  17. Dysfunctional Playground says

    LMAO. How does Trump being cut out from talks equal any kind of credit? South Korea said, no more military exercises for now, and Trump disagreed to any conditions so South Korea did what they felt they needed to do. Thank you, Mr. Moon.

  18. Hawk's Adventure Vlogs says

    #northkorea is just trying to play nice till theres a million people at the #Olympics to drop a bomb. Its hillarious how the Left is all of a sudden on North Korea's side. Its all a sham, MARK MY WORDS

  19. John O'Connell says

    Who cares. I don’t even think President Trump cares. We’re in the business of results. Not ‘credit’. Are they talking? Yes. Let it ride. If we get a denuclearized united Korea we win. If we don’t we knock them into the Stone Age and rightfully so and we win. Times up. Give us back our weapons, make up like big boys, we’ll give you top of the line power plants in return and awesome trade deals. Korea lives happily ever after. Quit being commie d*cks!

  20. Fire Marshal Bill says

    Trump gets credit for: FAKE president. TAINTED election. RUSSIAN money laundering puppet. PUBLICITY STUNT campaign. LIFE SENTENCE in federal prison before it's over.

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