Which generation of iPhones are seeing battery slowdowns?

Did Apple’s apology over slowing iPhone battery life go far sufficient?
Tech professional Avery Swartz says is was ‘battery smoothing’ that triggered diminished battery life in older gadgets.

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  1. dan gilmore says

    IPhones are junk to begin with, Samsung is a much better quality.

  2. You are Here. says

    It's fraudulent and the CEO and directors, those who had knowledge, should be in JAIL.

  3. Solder Joe says

    ''slowing iPhone batteries?' Really CTV? CTV is hack gender studies graduates putting real journalism out of business.

  4. Not Sure says

    The battery excuse is a cover story, what else could they say after being caught?

  5. Ferol Foster says

    Hmmmmm, I will never own a cellphone and with these newer ones coming out, even less likey I will ever want to own one. These new phones can track youre every move, they can listen in on your conversations, plus now with face recognition, ZERO PRIVACY…….NO THANKS……

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