WhatsApp can work without WiFi and no data? New Virus Alert

WhatsApp can work without WiFi and no data? New Virus Alert

“Now you can use WhatsApp without the Internet. WhatsApp launched-ultra-light WiFi” which can be read in a message that spreads quickly on WhatsApp and that seeks to install malware.

Although some phone companies offer the WhatsApp application totally free with only a certain data package, you can send videos, communicate through video calls and calls, download photos, and send messages.

However, there is an ad that indicates that the app will arrive totally free and without having to use the data packet or the Wifi to be able to receive all the files that you want.

This message that circulates through the same application (sent by other users) or through text messages contain a link that obviously does not do what it promises, instead, installs a malware used to extract data and thus commit some type of fraud or scam.

We recommend that you must take care when receiving any type of link on your phone. In other cases, the links will subscribe you to premium services of monthly collection, which will raise your monthly consumption rate.

The message is designed for you to click on the link, share it with 15 contacts, provide personal information in a survey of the questionable origin and, at worst, infect your mobile with malicious software. That is why it is important never to open the link.

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