What we want from Borderlands 3

Okay, this can be a huge ask, trigger nearly no person does weapons like Bungie does weapons. But Borderlands has at all times been a shooter the place the sensation of pulling the set off and killing an enemy was wonderful, however not superb. The enjoyable comes from the wild number of weapons and their outlandish results, like an SMG that fires 43 lightning bullets a second, or a grenade launcher that fires grenades that explode into but extra grenades and blanket a whole space. The results of the weapons have been enjoyable, and so have been combining them with talents that upped your crit harm or despatched you right into a melee-killing god rage.

But how significantly better would Borderlands’ procedurally generated arsenal of wacky weapons be if the suggestions and punch of every gun was as satisfying as it’s in Bungie’s Destiny 2? Or in 2016’s Doom? Or Tripwire’s Killing Floor 2? Those are lofty targets to aspire to, particularly with procedurally generated weapons, however Gearbox has an enormous alternative to buff up the basics of its trigger-pulling, bullet-firing animations and physics. Make every weapon archetype really feel extremely good to shoot, after which work out how the random modifiers would tweak these sensations. Make Borderlands 3 a shooter we’d want to play even with out all of the lootin’.

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