What Really Happened To Mammoths! (30 Facts You Won’t Believe!)

30 superb information to blow your thoughts about science, folks, animals and the world
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  1. #MINIONS says

    Ain't this supposed to be about mammoths ?dude I watched this video for mammothsNot for anything else

  2. XIXI says

    I learned about Lionel Tate in 6th grade and I had to make a paragraph about if he should go to jail or not

  3. Katherine Noman says

    30 facts you wont believe. Dude i knew that alaska was the biggest

  4. Collin Richey says

    I hate the richest because your voice is really annoying sorry

  5. Wolf Cat says

    Isn't this supposed to be about mammoths. Rename your titles richest

  6. John Melhuish says

    woah its been nearly a few hundred years since the manhatten island was bought

  7. Saber Gamer says

    wait it says in the title 30 facts about mammoth and it just gives me random facts am i the only one?

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