What Does Your Lip Shape Say About Your Personality?

Personality check primarily based in your lip form.
Have you ever questioned in case your bodily traits have an have an effect on in your persona? Scientists have decided that our lip form, dimension, fullness and even the sharpness of the guts peak on the prime, often known as your philtrum, have an effect on how we behave and work together with others and the world round us. Would Angelina Jolie be such an unbelievable caregiver and mom with skinny lips? Would Kylie Jenner be as self centered with out her new pout? Would Taylor Swift have created so many prime hits if she was born with a Goldilocks set of lips? In this video we’ll discover what your lip form says about your persona. Face consultants worldwide agree on the truth that lips play a big position in psychological variations and persona traits. Watch this video to seek out out what your lips say about the way you work together with folks, the way you behave in relationships, your qualities and your faults. Or watch this video to be taught a bit bit extra in regards to the folks you recognize – grow to be a lip professional and skim others faster than they will open their flappers and say “hi.” After you might be completed, make sure to inform us what you assume within the remark part beneath!

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  1. Khari says

    NATURAL full thick lips step aside Kylie

  2. Taehyung Is my bias says

    I have a larger bottom lip then top lip. lol I do go on tours around the world how did u know

  3. Abigali Cervantes says

    I think how we look has nothing to do with our personalities 💖 if u want to be happy and nice you can thats nothing you have to be born with

  4. JJ Michelle says

    Nice video, but I don’t think lip fullness indicates anything other than sexual appeal.

  5. veronika khroul says

    I'm one of the few that is an introvert but my nickname at school is Kylie Jenner for a reason…

  6. Kitty Cat says

    wow amazing channel and vids! love this one

  7. mora chan says

    OMG this is so true  I think k this is now my favorite video!! I always watch your videos when im bored

  8. Kawaii Me says

    I have full lips and I dont have a single friend

  9. Lie Zelle says

    I would have loved my lips now if only I did not use my grandma's lipstick when I was in grade school that made my lips look darker 😥😭 .. I wish i have pink lips

  10. Lie Zelle says

    I have wide lips and I can say that may be true hehe

  11. iiflamezzii says

    The thumbnail got to me though, I have thin lips thank you VERY much

  12. Emi Mayman says

    I'm more than one of these…. one of them says I'm selfless and the other one says I put myself before others….. whaaaaaaat?

  13. Irisa Irisa says

    Did they discover all this things just by staring at the lips?

  14. Rose Lee says

    *people who have full lips make great parents and are caring*. *News: WoMEn wITh CHilD ABuSe AlLeGatiOns HaS BeEn LEfT oFf ThE HoOK BeCAusE sHE HaS THicK FuLl LipS*.

  15. Gorilla Desperado says

    What does the shape of our lips have to say about who we are?

    Absolutely nothing. What a BS video.

  16. Anhelic101 Angel says

    on the recommendation… 2 lips look the same as mine..im confused now

  17. Colette Jividen says

    “More authoritative than Stalin”

    stalin killed 42,000,000 of his own people because they didn’t agree with his communist views that’s kinda fucked up

  18. That Girl says

    This isn't true for me, probably not for others either!

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