VOYAGE OF TIME Trailer (Brad Pitt, Terrence Malick – Documentary, 2016)

An examination of the beginning and demise of the recognized universe.
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A Movie directed by Terrence Malick
Cast : Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett
Release Date : 7 October 2016
Genre : Documentary

© 2016 – Broad Green Pictures / Wild Bunch Distribution

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  1. Tom Smith says

    Just more lies and propaganda… the usual

  2. Sharika Basit says

    is the whole fucking movieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

  3. Bruno Nandyala says

    Why dont you mention the White-Walkers??? Oh cmonnn, this is rigged

  4. Kyle Bartock says

    The song has to be something written by Peer Gynt…sound too much like his of master pieces

  5. Andrew West says

    Sigh – another gorgeously shot and utterly incomprehensible film from the master of artsy pretentiousness. Count me out.

  6. kanudoss says

    Reading with a serious tone doesn't make it more important.

  7. Lynwood Lewis says

    I'm sorry but I just can't science that long. I couldn't stay awake through a half hour high school lecture.

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