Veteran disgusted Bergdahl may receive $300Okay in back pay

Retired officer who assisted with the search speaks out.

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  1. J K says

    Honorable? Fuck that shit.
    Burn his lousy ass. How is this shit possible?!?! Men DIED AND MAIMED AND THIS FUCK GETS OFF AND GETS PAID!?!!!

  2. J K says

    Are you serious this traitor fuck will get back pay?!!!?
    Somebody shoot me- this vet gets off AND GETS PAID!?!?
    OM effing G. Fuck that!!!!

  3. Lawdog304 says

    He doesn't deserve SH&T, except either death sentence or life in prison…

  4. Kevin Burkett says

    words cant express how upset the veteran community will be (moreso than we already are) if he gets this money. if the government tries to give it to him, then the judge should order it go to actual veterans charities (you know, for actual heroes, not worthless shitbags that talk about how much better the taliban is than the men who died trying to find him)

  5. johnny llooddte says

    get over it..what a whiner.. he served his country.. he served his time.. hes plead guilty.. grow up…
    if hes owed back pay.. its his.. what a general in the world would ever convict him to prison..ive said this for years..
    doc johnny, flight surgeon, nato of7… yall made him famous

  6. pisssboy says

    Anymore, I can't type a shit, or search a shit on this YouTibe platform. You're douchebag sellouts. Including google (small case for little penises), facebook, youtube. Pricks.

  7. pisssboy says

    This fucker needs shot. God bless Remco. A soldier too. Thank you all soldiers sacrificed to politicians. What a messed up world it came to. 58/yo and frusterd. Come on USA! COME ON!

  8. XBDOT7 says

    Outrageous! The leniencies of the Obama administration still linger! We're going to need a bigger sump pump to drain that swamp! If anything, Bergdahl's back pay should go to the families of the six men who gave their lives!

  9. Metron Gamer says

    Bergdahl should have a bulls-eye on his forehead everywhere he goes, and a good American should take the shot when they get the chance.


    only thing he deserves is a bullet in the back of the head and a ditch to be thrown in..

  11. Bigg Redd says

    What if he was radicalised
    in captivity?….. is this

  12. You You says

    The families of the injured and dead military men should all file civil liability cases against burgdahl… Sue his ass to high heaven, the fucking traitor/deserter…

  13. Cali Girl says

    He voluntarily walked away from his job and duties and did not earn that money! He sat back comfortably while the military spent time, money, and lives looking for his lazy loser ass! That money should go instead to the families of men who died or injured looking for him!

  14. DeathdealersClan Gaming says

    Damn so I can join the military leave my post get captured and then get bank for it…. Count me in!!!

  15. Repairer of the Breach says

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  16. A. P. says

    The only thing Bergdahl deserves is a firing squad! He's lucky he got a bleeding heart liberal judge that let him basically walk on charges that should have landed him in Leavenworth at mininum for the rest of his life! He should take his good fortune & disappear from public life for the rest of his life.

  17. Sam Nardo says

    I spent 22yrs in the military and saw others do brig time for much, much less. Besides, I’ll bet all of my military pay for those years wouldn’t amount to $300K. He needs fragged.

  18. Who What says

    When that ^%#& deserted he broke his contract with the military. He should be shot not paid!

  19. Dexter White says

    What's the big deal? We have a draft dodger as president! A deserter can't be cut some slack?

  20. Ralph A. Wolf says

    WHOM THE GODS WOULD DESTROY, THEY FIRST MAKE MAD! And there is much madness in the land.

  21. Celtic Fury says

    While I agree with this gentleman 100%, there's one statement that doesn't ring entirely true. The most honorable thing Bergdahl could've done would've been to NOT DESERT his post, to NOT walk away from his responsibility, his duty, and from the other men and women who served…and DIED looking for his weak willed, spineless deserter ass! $300k backpay for DESERTING? Just the thought turns my stomach!

  22. hudson steele says

    I'll be disgusted if he gets it. A traitor should be shot or hanged, not slapped on the wrist and then given a prize.

  23. William Matthews says

    The only thing Bergdahl deserves is a firing squad or the electric chair.

  24. linda clark says

    This is disgusting! Bergdahl needs to be cut loose from the system and let him be homeless.

  25. docbar says

    This low life Democrat Bergdahl doesn't deserve one penny.

  26. Sennie White says

    on this Veterans Day, to hear such good news is disgusting…..

  27. I am Sammi says

    Wow, a man who should not have been in the Army at all due to diagnosed mental illnesses is getting ripped apart after being held captive for 5 years, sounds much like what trump the draft dodger did to McCain! Give him his Hostage pay, he was held hostage!

  28. Travis Petsche says

    Backwards system. Not just military. ALL of government AND every organization the government get their hands and influence on. Corruptness all the way around. It doesn't pay to be an honest person anymore. You're better off being corrupt. Then you fit into government and ONLY then the government will have your back. I know personally. Takes a corrupt system to hold a person longer than their enlistment so they can do the paperwork to kick you out on false accusations rather then let you leave at the end of your enlistment. Took longer for them to wrongfully kick me out than let me leave at the end of my enlistment. Has a lot to do with the corrupt organizations within the government. The organizations that truly pull the strings.

  29. Robert Fields says

    He should receive all of his money and this welfare recipient vet should shut the fuck up, sounds like a butt hurt little libtard snowflake. Sure, I felt that he should have gotten 9-11 years IN PRISON, but he DID NOT. Therefore, case closed.

  30. Eagle Whitefeather01 says

    Tired of the left giving assholes santuaries. This asswipe deserted his unit. Good men died trying to find him..No pay for deserters. He should have been shot. Anyone that authorizes his non backpay should be shot with him. He deserved the death penalty not released. No responsibiity on the Military's part. Obama hold overs should be the ones jailed. Idiots are constantly putting our National Security at risk with inpunity! It has to stop or it's gonna get ugly!

  31. Dutchman in paradise says

    What a fine line between a filthy cowardly Taliban sympathizing deserter getting the death penalty or life in prison and getting $300,000 plus a lifetime pension. Thank you, Colonel Nance (judge). Good luck maintaining discipline and loyalty in your troops. I hope they rip your head off and shit down your neck.

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