VALENTINES Date Night In (DIY Ideas)

Hey guys!! I have been eager to do a date night time in sequence, so I figured i would begin with a Valentines themed video. Even if it is not Valentines, generally It’s enjoyable to plan a particular night time in. You may also try my final video for concepts on how one can flip your rest room right into a spa. It’s good to take pleasure in a shower or bathe collectively earlier than a calming therapeutic massage, after which I’ll depart the remainder as much as you ;zero)

DIY Relaxing Massage Oil
Jojoba Oil
Avocado Oil
Dried Lavender
Dried Chamomile
Let the herbs infuse within the oil for 24 hours, pressure and pour right into a dropper bottle.

DIY Illuminated Vase
Waterproof Lights
Floating Candles
White Rocks

DIY Love Spell Soy Candle
Fill the candle container with water & weigh. Reduce that by 20% to find out the quantity of soy wax you have to to your container. Add wax to double boiler with sweet thermometer hooked up. Allow the wax to soften utterly earlier than including perfume.
1 oz. of perfume oil per pound of wax. I used Love Spell (I bought this at an area candle provides retailer)

Soy Wax

Love Spell Fragrance (this is not the precise one I ordered, nevertheless it needs to be the identical precise scent. Double verify earlier than ordering)

four Pound Pouring Pot

Candle Wicks

DIY Chocolate Fondu
Add Chocolate chip flavors of your option to four mason jars. For Nutella combination, add four elements Nutella & 2 elements heavy whipping cream. Mix properly. Add to Crock Pot on excessive. Add water to fill to the skin of mason jars half approach, to three/four of the way in which.. Allow to utterly soften earlier than serving.









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  1. Hafsa Khan says

    Wow!!! I didn't kno that u can do these thing's too except skincare. Love u 😍😍 stay blessed

  2. samfeyo rozo says

    It took me 4 days to suscribe to your channel youtube didn't let me but i am glad i finally did it love you thank you for your superb videos

  3. Jyothi Reddy says

    Rachel your videos are super and I tried spa what do you do

  4. Gabriel Leonard says

    So what d you do with the leftovers of the oil, i mean the herbs that're left? Plus just AWESOME Ideas!!! Loved them so very much!!!

  5. Hindola alami says

    you are an angel< rachel. I am blessed to find your chanel. I live in Britain, I can't find shops selling dried herbs and oils like you use. do you live in USA or Britain?
    Good luck!

  6. Mecca Morse says

    omg your description in the beginning is SO my life, my fiancee is a chef and its a Love and HATE relationship. LOVED THE VIDEO and the DIYs, helped me a bunch

  7. Kendra Fitch says

    Just ame across your channel and I'm obsessed! Love it! You're so creative:)

  8. sofea babby says

    Lmao my stoner self thought that was a heart shaped with weed bud and clicked so fast 😂

  9. nancyxoxo says

    Where do you get the dry lavender and dry chamomile?

  10. DGolden says

    Hands down the BEST DIYer on Youtube. I LOVE your videos and the content. Just amazing

  11. Organised Muslimah says

    i think this is the best video ive ever seen on youtube. i want to do every single diy! im going to do the fondue tonight! thanks so much rachel

  12. Your ABstract Assistant says

    Great video! Wondering how long those neck wraps last? Do you need to change out the rice often? Thanks RT! 🙂

  13. Amelia's Menagerie says

    I hope when I grow up, I can be as loving, kind, and beautiful as you. You are a Godly role model for me, and have inspired me to make better choices with my life as well as shown me ways to make my house look nice 🙂 Thank you for all you do!
    God Bless,

  14. Cyndi Fox says

    I used your melt chocolates idea and it sucks… the white chocolate hardened and won't melt after I took it out of the slow cooker, the dark chocolate is lumpy and I used marshmallow fluff in my other and that's just fine… don't just use an idea you see on you tube planning it for your date night without testing it first…thx lesson learned Rachael Talbott I'll b unsubscribing

  15. Rabeea Anwar says

    you are an amazing person. I love your videos n I love youuuu

  16. Andrea Morales says

    being mexican my moma woulda smacked my ass if she saw me wasting rice for my neck 😂😂😂😂

  17. Galaxy twins says

    rain drop
    drop top
    Rachel making fondue on the crock pot

    ok ok I'm not funny

  18. CuteSimpleStuff says

    It wouldn´t be a Rachel´s DIY video if it hadn´t an oil in there somewhere. Loved them!

  19. LEAF says

    These ideas are really cute and thoughtful! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Di Grezia Maidison says

    Hey, very nice ideas. I heard you used essential oils on your home made candle …
    If I can just say something, essential oils loose all their properties when they are heated. It just remains scented oils…
    What I was told to prefer is just add regular scented oils. You have more choice, you need less drops and it's way cheaper for the same effects 🙂 hope it helped someone; I did candles as wedding favors on my wedding and learn this trick from the salesgirl at my local bio store. Have a nice day 🙂

  21. Hiba Koshan says

    ahhh loved the video!
    you are soooo creative Rachel😘
    loved the ideas

  22. MyDaisy66 says

    Please check out these crazy guys JacobTheFlowers

  23. Sanam A says

    Love this! Romantic massage is my fave haha also what did you do with the left over herbs from the massage oil? Did you throw them out or is there any other way to use them? X

  24. Lucerito B says

    💗💗👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽love your videos and thanks for the ideas

  25. Dani C says

    The relaxing massage ❤😉😉

  26. Wadha f says

    why am i watching this i dont even have boyfriend

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