US sends 3 B-2 stealth bombers to Guam

Deployment meant to ship North Korea a robust message.

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  1. Jodie Holmes says

    Trump trying to start shit when North Korea is finally Comming to the table to talk. Yeah and America doesn't do anything to escalate tensions my ass

  2. D Pan says

    Stealth bomber , the real deal you never see them coming!!!!

  3. Game Bred Duramax says

    Kim has been playing hard ball, BLUFFING Americans so we won’t attack them while they continue building there nukes! NK don’t have shit rite now, it is the time to take the nutball out before he does accomplish his goal

  4. Darcy Nishi says

    When NK bombs Guam you'll lose 3 B2's. send them elsewhere.

  5. Jerry Rowden says

    Looks like things are heating up in the pacific. Watch out Kim Jong Un, fire and fury are here.

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