UN: Al Qaeda and ISIS remain major threats

Report finds as ISIS weakens Al Qaeda remains to be going robust.

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  1. Peter James says

    Every time there's a Moslem terror attack flatten every mosque within a 50 mile radius.

  2. DB Cisco says

    The USA needs to tell the UN, NATO and our own Deep State to fuck off and let the fucktards in the rest of the world to fight their own battles… and refuse ALL refugees from coming here and get rid of the ones already here. Give them a gun and drop them off in their own countries.

  3. Recordbreaker14 says

    Deport every Sharia worshiper from this country. Problem solved. TRUMP

  4. RC RC says

    shit again on terrorists the US of A have been training since Osama bin Laden with these "extreme" muslims

  5. Jeremy Parsons says

    well the philippines announced they crushed the radical muslims and then a month later on a island next to Mindanao was a radical muslim group that killed all the police and tried to take over another town, and now they are killing young girls for 3 dollars of their daily pay to survive on the run. i got photo of the big wanted poster of them all. i missed the road side attack on the police by 3 days in the same exact spot,

  6. Urban Exploring with Brendan says

    I thought trump was gunna wipe them out in 30 days? oh ya, just like how he said mexico would pay for the wall… trump and his goons are a joke. your all being played. fuck fox, fuck trump, and fuck his retarded supporters. and keep trying to fear monger, fox… fuckin idiots.

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