Ultimate Kid Mannequin Scare PRANKS – Top 3 Pranks 2016

Ultimate Kid “Mannequin” Scare PRANKS – Top 3 Pranks 2016
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  1. Phone Phone says

    Was hilarious until the "Deez nuts" was added. Then cringe worthy.

  2. ABDUL HANNAN says

    He was getting so many hits. May be he should had asked for phone number of his age group girls.

  3. maite figueroa says

    For more craxy pranks subscribe to mindofrez pranks & vlogs

  4. jimeez49 says

    Not funny. i hope you get punched in the face.

  5. Lau Silva says

    Se fosse no Brasil povo já batia e chingava! Parabéns a esses americanos muito educados

  6. wass sabi says

    haha saying deez nuts takes it up 5 notches!

  7. Ministério Ághape De Cristo says

    Amo o jeito que vocês aí levam todas as brincadeiras na esportiva, infelizmente aqui no Brasil nem todos são iguais como vcs.. PARABÉNS

  8. K Hyeon says

    너무 마네킹 같지가 않아.

  9. Arthur889900 BR says

    Nao precisa assustar é só dizer "oi" e da like moro no BRASIL

  10. Warboss Thrakka says

    Dis kids name is Denis wiff one N? SOZ MINE HEHAA!! DA BEST KIND OF DENIS!

  11. jochen says

    Where did you get the mask or how did you make it. I want to scare people for Halloween in Belgium. Love the video.

  12. Freestyle Amateurs says

    You should try different things to make it funnier like the "deez nuts" or "im a real boy" or even simply just sticking your hand out and saying Hi!

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