Ultimate GF Vs. BF Cheating Pranks Compilation 2016

Ultimate “GF Vs. BF Cheating Pranks Compilation 2016
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  1. michael Anthony says

    Good thing she'll "NEVER" cheat on him, because he would never know. She just proved how sneaky and deceitful she is.


  2. Giriraj C says

    wat if they really had sex..wen hr bf knocks..they don't know wat to do nd act like a prank…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. DAKA says

    so we're back to doing "pranks" now?

  4. Pw9 Rye says

    These kinda pranks is serious..If u do that on bad temper people..then they will finish u off in no time lol..

  5. santos juan says

    do you pay for the damages &/injuries caused incase the couple gets mad??😏😏😏I think you should also show us aftermath negative side of these pranks😨😨😨

  6. John Pad says

    Beach Pranks won't make them love each other. these pranks are going to bring them really bad karma life's a b** then you marry one

  7. mitch mclean says

    Someone's gonna get shot doing these pranks one day

  8. Tom Winn says

    weak on the second one she kept crossing her fingers

  9. Greg Clark says

    It'd be convenient to say you made prank videos right before you cheated with the mans girl lol

  10. Zulvan Raydika says

    well if you f*ck your friend GF make sure place a camera and when you get caught, have a little argument then say its just a prank.

  11. Deanoss Last says

    I'm calling bullshit how can u people keep falling for it

  12. Kaos Kanalen says

    Awesome Compilation Jon 😉 More Cheating Pranks plz 😀

  13. Bond007ria8 says

    stuff like this is good to bring people closer together

  14. Cat Fish says

    I love these kind of videos thanks for the pranks

  15. JoshGuy says

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