Uber loses UK appeal and Nintendo ups the ante on the Switch (Tech Today)

In at the moment’s tech information, Uber ordered to deal with UK drivers as employees, Nintendo will increase Switch manufacturing and a “space kingdom” takes flight.

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  1. Louis Allaway says

    Uber don't have to provide healthcare in the UK, it's free.

  2. ping oh' says

    I’m thinking about getting a Switch.


    So when I sell stuff on eBay where's my holiday pay?? I'm an eBay employee according to UK law with this uber ruling and not self employed independent seller….

  4. theylied1776 says

    Uber is losing more cases concerning drivers than they're winning. Especially in countries like China, England and in the United States which will set the standards for other countries to follow.

  5. mickobee says

    People are dumb
    Uber was never supposed to be a full time job, its a ride share app. You’re driving to the other side of Texas? Cool that guy will share your ride and help pay.
    This was Uber’s initial design but people became full time Uber’s and then started complaining when they don’t get holidays and sick pay

  6. You were Wondering says

    Switch really needs to be in more hands to be honest. It's an amazing system and deserves all the credit it is been getting. Hopefully we will say a lot for exclusives and 3rd party games for switch soon. Realy looking forward for nintendo to release a new pokemon game for switch that have better visuals than 3ds ones.

    I create tech based content in my channel, if oyu have some time to spare please do give it a look. i would greatly appreciate it.

  7. Bryan Bendickson says

    That’s good because they gonna need enough for Pokémon 2018 or 2019

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