Two men accused of plotting to assassinate British PM May

The two men are due to make a courtroom look.

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  1. Pure Heroine says

    The REAL threat is from Right Wing Nut Jobs though according to most "elites" in the UK.

  2. Ako says

    Trump should really stop warning them early on twitter and just see it happen.

  3. Barbara Powell says


  4. Defiant Christian Infidels says

    Silly inbred Muslims……Teresa May is rolling out the red carpet for them.
    Oh well, they have earned a well deserved reputation for killing their own.
    Islam……It's not just about killing kufars in their crazed demonic slaughter quests.

  5. docbar says

    This would be no great loss. She is anti American, anti white, anti free speech. No loss at all.

  6. droug ridmen says

    Crazy thugs that believe Ala is a moon god he has done no miracles remove all these saria law killers.

  7. preytec says

    They can't get a war started by killing the public, now they're going after the leaders.
    Just wipe them out once and for all.

  8. barry tillotson says

    British Government grow some balls and deport these BASTARDS no courts no excuses deport them NOW

  9. ThrummerOfLove says

    For once, we had a Muslim acting in Britain's national interest.

  10. Shelley Ashurst says

    Lack of resources? UK have the resources to run around policing hate speech, but not fight terrorism? SMH

  11. Bill Fowler says

    The only good sand ape’s is a dead sand ape’s 🦍

  12. dan the man says

    don't laugh too hard America
    you just got rid of the jihad POTUS / isis is obama's / obama is isis
    all those rapefugees invading Europe = obama made that

  13. Mike Melina says

    Ironically, they will probably blame president Trump's tweet for this, just the latest in a series of attacks on the British homeland. When will the world wake up and bell this cat?

  14. Raman Razrola says

    This is not a Plot this is Comedy. What the hell they were thinking ?Aye want to kill the PM? Yea why not, lets put a Bomb right outside of her door and hide in the bushes with Knives … Seriously !!! That's a Plot to kill a PM ??? Hahahahahah.. Da Fuck man..

  15. monkeygraborange says

    You reap what you sow. Keep importing those filthy muslims Teresa, you cunt.

  16. ipvr15xify says

    Thats poetic seeing how she just went off on trump about retweeting those vids

  17. Monique Morales says

    The mayor and the rest of the liberal brits will deny deny and say they didnt mean to kill her Its Trumps fault. Nothing to see here move along …..Move along ….repeat with clone hand motions ….

  18. Thomas McEwen says

    I wonder in the words of May that all terrorists are white? Muslims would never use violence.

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