Tucker: Outrage over Trump suspending TPS is about votes

Tucker’s Thoughts: Some politicians are upset about Trump suspending ‘non permanent protected standing’ for immigrants from El Salvador as a result of they do not need to lose tons of of 1000’s of future protected votes. That’s all this is about. Anybody who tries to counsel in any other case is both mendacity to you, or mendacity to themselves. #Tucker

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  1. Jerry Rowden says

    17 years is long enough don't you think? Besides, I would think these people would want to see their families again.

  2. Dark Circles says

    Corporations crying because they're losing their slaves and dems crying because they're losing their votes!

  3. Uncle Jasso says

    They need to eliminate TPS for Honduras as well, send them home

  4. Improv Master says

    Only LIBTURDS would consider 17 YEARS "temporary"….they all lie, all the time…..let people in on false pretenses and then try to alter the deal…

  5. Graham Meek says

    Modern slavery dresses up as kindness and empathy.

  6. Bob Carlo says

    Maybe it me ,BUT , why is it that any time I SEE these poor, devastated refugees, I
    NEVER see women and children. The msm uses women/ children to draw sympathy, but , all we get in return is adult men lying about their age to gain entrance to this country to CAUSE TROUBLE.

  7. jim spotswood says

    Trump is too busy tweeting, golfing, watching TV, and eating cheeseburgers in bed to build his wall.

  8. David Turner says

    I would put money on it that they and all the other countries refugees are included in the raise act. This will be the largest amnesty in American history.

  9. Jodie Holmes says

    Yeah only according to you. For example republicans only want to run pedophiles and criminals for votes in the house. How do I know this? Because the criminal Kellyanne Conway said it on your show

  10. Cheryl Jensen says

    Send them all back. No need for them to stay longer than a month in an emergency. Let the EU take them all from now on. We are not the Worlds babysitters any more. Look what good will and kindness got us.

  11. joi gilreath says

    Are we the only country in the world that can help? If America is such a shithole , why do so many people want to come here?

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