TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN FUNNY FAIL CHALLENGE – #1 – Best Fails of MAY 2017 | Funny Fail Compilation

TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN FUNNY FAIL CHALLENGE! We dare you to attempt to make it throughout this hilarious compilation of Fails, Bails, Mishaps, Falls Accidents and extra FAILS! This choice Includes Zip Line again flops, rope swings gone improper, playground clotheslines, basketball hoops attacking their house owners, children vs hoses and extra hilarious fails! See if you can also make it by means of with out laughing or grinning!

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  1. Sam Patel says

    accomplish statue extraordinary one arrival onion function vote industrial sudden combat

  2. Frank Bowman says

    Any creature that has a giant hump on its back is not intended to be ridden. Once again, the brown morons who subscribe to "The Religion of Peace" prove how stupid and worthless they are.

  3. aaardvarkkk says

    If we're sposta TRY not to laugh, shouldn't these at least be funny? They're just boring and stupid. You don't have to include every last dumb clip people submit.

  4. Sam says

    Honestly never smiled or laughed. Funny videos, yes, but not funny enough to laugh or smile.

  5. Albert Einstein says

    Didn't laugh or grin once didn't even have to try it just wasint funny

  6. Barry Soetorro says

    That douchebag at the end. What a dickhead dad. Answer your kid ffs. She was polite and asked nicely. Even when you finished you still didnt answer. So full of yourself. Take that shirt off too, you dont deserve it.

  7. Willy Da Kid says

    Fuck that last guy! Fucking idiot answer your daughter asshole.

  8. Gabriel Moline says

    That douche bag at the end who was dancing around like a fairy is a piece of shit. Your kid is way more important than your lame, feckless dance.

  9. foxpro 26 says

    Holy crap! That drone being hit by the baseball was crazy lol!

  10. pekinobo says

    Poor dad, he will never be the next martial art great White ninja with an annoying kid like that.

  11. ibse0001 says

    Geez – the last dad is an asshole.

  12. Thomas Foster says

    9:24 How many times do I have to tell you, Daddy's name is Walker now. Gah…

  13. Watcher says

    Shit form in his kung-fu and shit attitude to his daughter, he isn't a good representative for Kung-fu…

  14. Kae Pugna says

    Every video on this channel is at least one documented CPS case 5:00

  15. whatarethoose92 says

    that guy at the end looked as good as when Dwight got his blackbelt and manager position 😂

  16. J M says

    8:55 Jesus christ! Put a guard on that chain/belt!!!!

  17. GW Hunter says

    Is there anyone else who thinks the Kung-fu junkie at the end is a jerk?

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