TRY NOT TO LAUGH FUNNY FAILS! JUNE 2017 | THE BEST FAILS | Weekly Fail Compilation Selection

Brand new weekly theme compilation of the funniest TRY NOT TO LAUGH FAILS! Selection contains man vs industrial air compressor, hammock hijinks, quad crashes, wheelchair wipe outs, zipline zingers, damaged bridges, backflip bloopers, stair slide slams and extra humorous viral clips, outtakes and moments caught on digital camera.

Check out Team Internet “YOU’RE FUNERAL” 360 VIDEO :

Do you’ve an epic fail, a stunt gone fallacious or somebody getting owned caught on tape? Submit it right here and we’ll characteristic it in our upcoming compilations. Be certain to examine again each week ►

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  1. Richie Jr says

    This video is a fail. I didn't laugh once, but 7:23 was adorable and did make me smile.

  2. seth bain says

    And maybe call them the real reason people shouldn't breed

  3. seth bain says

    All these videos needs to be called thinning the herd

  4. TheTurtleMan says

    the fat guy sliding out of his tshirt was pretty fucking funny 😂

  5. teadus says

    Yeah,who else finds it FUNNY if people get hurt,I LAUGHED MY HEAD OFF LOL !

  6. Miss L Walker says

    3:52 "What a stupid idea that was!" as he takes the burning paper off the MARBLE counter to put it out on the carpet. 😒

  7. Donnie Davis says

    Its 2017 and people still hold their phone up and down when recording a vid….are you f&^%$ing stupid people? lol

  8. Petey Pete says

    Uh derrr dose people a fallded down and me is supposed da tink dats funny. The pure shit that Americans are supposed to think is entertaining is disgusting. Our society is lost.

  9. Dave Cooper says

    I'm Not Being Sexist, But Why Do Girls Always have to do dancing when they get together Example: 4:58

  10. Tolyngee says

    3:42 – I have neighbors even dumber than that. They're smart enough to grill OUTSIDE (but still too close to the house and other structures), but right when they're immediately done grilling? They then IMMEDIATELY bring the grill inside, hot charcoal STILL in the grill.

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