Trump’s North Korea strategy in focus as Asia trip begins

Former ambassador to the UN John Bolton and lawyer John Yoo present perception.

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  1. Günther Lehmann says

    Yes, it is time to get the rough Trump regime under control and stop their nuclear and missile programs.

  2. Adriana Robledo ASMR says

    The world is actually scaring me lol I’m out of here 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

  3. WhatWas ThatNoise? says

    I like Trump's pivot to Asia. We should engage with them firmly and fairly, not with the middle east or with Europe or Afrika or South America. These are lost causes. Europe's not bad, but they have to get their shit together and replace their stupid politicians and policies.

  4. Destructicon Jenkins says

    I highly doubt the bergdal judgement is going to "cast a pall" over the morale of the armed forces, just move past it you fucking retards.

  5. OH Yeh! says

    MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸 President Trump ❤️🇺🇸

  6. Shon Won says

    Kim has got to go but this is "NOT* the guy to lesd U.S. into the biggest war since WW2.

  7. Vinmoonsu says

    I never know that congress have the right to declare war. All my life I've been hearing that its the Jews who have the right to declare war in America.I learned something new.

  8. Destiny says

    Someone grow up with out a playstation .

  9. Saul Sarmiento says

    All bullshit. It's just to draw attention. Do it , or just let it go. Any moment ? My ass. It's been too long.

  10. TeleTube says

    Asians and Whites can get along, but not until we pound the Rocketman doughboy into submission.

  11. dee Lopez says

    grab em right in the n make america great again

  12. Mirage Gaocariomon says

    Kim calls the sanctions brutal yet he slaughters his own people for the most retarded of infractions and starves them daily. I think we've hit the sweet spot on Kimmy.

  13. Boeingemployee1989 says

    Trump no don’t go to Asia because it’s a trap where Kim will send assassins to kill our leaders and then nuke the nations near his North Korea! You hear me? It’s a trap!

  14. Tom Greenough says

    kimberly corn – if there is a nuclear war, it won't be because of trump. please do some reading of history of the united states and japan from 1937 to 1941. events now are very similar. we tried to placate the japanese for years to try to get them to act in a civilized manner. we tried to get them to behave through embargos to restrain themselves and their military intrusions into china. that didn't work. now we have little kim doing the same thing and we have tried to placate him through the clinton, bush, and obama presidencies. not working. now we have a president who has said enough is enough and we're not going to put up with the nuclear threats. if you want to call trump a bully, what do we call roosevelt? FDR saw this coming from 1939 until Dec 7, 1941 and did very little until it was too late. do you want a hydrogen bomb to go off in los angeles or sanfrancisco before we do anything. the reasons that american troops went to france in 1917 and again to africa in 1942 was to keep the war away from these shores. please read some history before making rash statements like this.

  15. Viral Vision TV says

    I believe we will see a BIG WAR now that Republican's have power. This is what Republicans do when they have power. Start a big war! They do this for many reasons. The main reason is that it generates a lot of money for their wealthy friends. BILLIONS, maybe even TRILLIONS if the war goes on long enough. There always has to be an ENEMY so we can go to war. Sure, there really are people out there that hate America. But most of these places don't have enough power to defeat us or even challenge us seriously. It's really all about the money, always the dollars. Another reason is because it can help boost the ratings of a very unpopular President. Right now we have a President with approval ratings in the low thirties. But there is one thing that can fix that. A BIG WAR. American's love their sports and love their wars. We always get excited when we drop bombs on a defenseless impoverished country. It makes us feel like we are the best again, like we are a super power flexing our muscles. Another big reason is a big war is a major distraction. It takes attention away from other things Republicans want to do. They want to raise your taxes, give big tax breaks to the wealthy, take away your social security, your food stamps AND your health care. But they don't want you to know or think about that. They want you to think about the big war we are winning, YAY! We never really win these wars either. News flash, winning is NOT the plan. Look at The Bush IRAQ wars. Both IRAQ wars both Bush President's were involved in. We didn't win these wars. We didn't WANT to win these wars. It was just a big show. SHOCK AND AWE, look at us drop bombs.

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