Trump threat to leave NAFTA hits Canadian dollar

U.S. President Donald Trump may quickly sign his intent to withdraw from NAFTA and, because the Canadian authorities prepares for such a transfer, the loonie has taken a success.
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  1. Rita Doucet says

    We are importing our food, we need to become leaders in the food industry in our OWN country, hydroponics offers us the ability to grow our own food. If we start focusing on self-sufficiency we will win this trade war. Fracking is allowed in the US, foods are being affected by this practice, the land will be polluted. California's drought pushed many to use mine tailings. 
    Taken from the Office United States Trade Representative
    The U.S. goods and services trade surplus with Canada was $12.5 billion in 2016.
    JOBS: According to the Department of Commerce, U.S. exports of goods and services to Canada supported an estimated 1.6 million jobs in 2015 (latest data available) (1.2 million supported by goods exports and 36- thousand supported by services exports).
    FOOD: U.S. exports of agricultural products to Canada totaled $23 billion in 2016, our 1st largest agricultural export market. Leading categories include: prepared food ($1.9 billion), fresh vegetables ($1.8 billion), fresh fruit ($1.6 billion), snack foods nesoi ($1.3 billion), and non-alcoholic bev. (ex. juices) ($1.2 billion).

  2. Luke McGregor says

    Stop panicking will you. Having the Canadian dollar worth less than the american dollar is good for the Canadian economy.

  3. gabi d. says

    "unruly neighbor" they forgot to air that footage. You can't insult your neighbor like that and expect NAFTA to survive. Plus everyone tries to make US look like the bully here while J.T slapped tarrifs on dairy protein products that come into Canada. Apparently that was against NAFTA due to not being in NAFTA documents from 94. Bombardier subsidy etc

  4. john tripp says

    Shut the oil off, shut the power off and shut the airports to all Boing flights. It's long past time someone actually stood up to the southern bullies. we may have a close neighbour to trade with but why do we keep kissing their ***es just to have our dollar devalued? why are we the 51st state anyway?

  5. dan wald says

    Good for you Canada get rid of the loser Trudeau and get someone who is pro freedom and understands business maybe then we will work with you if you don't down the drain you will go.

  6. Michael Kahr says

    In the long term Canada should look for more reliable partners.

  7. Howard Geldart says

    On NAFTa we must stall, stall , stall. If it is not a good deal walk away.

  8. Chris D says

    Interesting demographics in the crowd. Very. Interesting.

  9. Darren says

    Wonder boy your screwed as haven’t a clue what’s about to happen or how to bargain with a master 😀😁😆 they might build a wall to keep mass exodus out of Canada when grand Solar minimum freezes you out . Florida gonna look mighty good

  10. Chris News says

    next we gonna build a wall and canadians will pay it

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