Trudeau questioned by veterans on pensions, Omar Kahdr

Prime Minister Trudeau was questioned on the Omar Kahdr cost and veteran pensions in an emotional second throughout his city corridor occasion.

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  1. aintgonnahappen says

    Here's the difference between Trump and guys like Trudeau/Obama – Trump gets things done, these guys tell you it's getting done with no real date to rely on.

  2. Derrick says

    Trudeau, we know you are a Globalist sock puppet. 2019 can't come soon enough. You and your Finance Minister are criminals. And you are a Jihadist Sympathizer. $40.5 million to 4 Jihadists? Seriously?

  3. Will Pearce says

    Is obvious that Trudeau is in it only for himself, not the best interests of Canadians, especially the working class.

  4. rayzer says

    Im okay letting isis members back in Canada, just so long as they face court and hanged for treason.

  5. Richard KL44357 says

    And you Trudope could have said hell will freeze over before we pay YOU!

  6. StopWatch says

    Still waiting on your apology to the Asian community in Canada who were cast as hijab cutters, still waiting for your apology to Canadians generally who you keep calling "Islamophobes". Anyone who has studied Islam KNOWS it is a threat to freedom and to Western civilization itself, especially as the LEFT continue to enable and aid it's conquering of Western civilization. Previous governments? Liberal governments who FOUGHT to release the father who took his children to fight for Al Quaida.

  7. Blowin Kk says

    The last government didn't go around funding terrorists well fighting to not help our veterans. Trudeau Get Out! We don't want you

  8. StopWatch says

    The Left have decided to wage war on Western civilization, they can't even pretend to serve anymore. It's disgusting and shameful! God bless our troops. Our elected officials SHOULD be aiding them but no, the Left would rather support 40 000+ people who have entered Canada illegally, they'd rather support literal terrorists who left Canada to fight against us, they'd rather support convicted terrorists whose entire family FOUGHT against out nation. You suck Trudeau. You suck Liberals. You suck MSM media who do not hold these traitors to account.

  9. YoungCanadianHybrid says

    Why are these "reintegrated" terrorists being watched from afar? They should be watched from within a jail cell, or from a broadcast from the REAL country they decided to defend.

    I also would have liked to see our country and government go down swinging against paying a terrorist millions, instead of caving and paying in secret. Stop blaming the previous government, accept responsibility, and give our veterans who fought FOR this country what they so rightfully deserve.

  10. Candy Bergauer says

    He calls terrorists those folks their killers and the 60 is a number from 2015 Trump blew them all up going to try to tell me there's only 60

  11. gg g says

    Trudeau is retarded and would nothing for soldiers and seniors . So dry response since born with silver spoon and never faced hard life therefore , cursed pm by all Canadians.

  12. mike tuu says

    Should fall under a military act…. not a Government act. The money he received was a political move … to sway public opinion. Didn't turn out as good as Trudeau thought it would.

  13. Josh Stevens says

    I am so ashamed of our country. We are fighting veterans in court because we think they have been getting too much money, yet we give money to terrorists like Omar Khadr.

    Btw, Trudeau's defense of the Khadr payment is a lie. Several US courts determined that Khadr's confession was not extracted using torture. Canada should have viewed Khadr as an enemy combatant, not as a dual citizen.

    Also, why doesn't Justin Trudeau invite veterans like this man to the PMs office, instead of inviting scumbags like Joshua Boyle.

  14. Last Frontier says

    Giving money to terrorists but not veterans. That sums up liberals.

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