Trudeau fails to answer simple questions on Morneau: Scheer

Opposition Leader Scheer says the federal government has failed to answer simple questions regarding Finance Minister Morneau’s ethics considerations.

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  1. Private Man says

    Nothing but a room full of parasites….. all working hard and diligently to act contrary in the best interests of the public…. no and's, if's, or but's about it. >:(

  2. Lori says

    Morneau looks way too smug – he should resign over this financial fiasco. Trudeau is a total fail, deflects every question with an attack on the Conservatives.

  3. Solder Joe says

    Every MP and PM is corrupt it's only s Google search away.

  4. Baseshocks says

    He forgot to say how hard his party works for Canadians… Usually at the end of every answer.

  5. Bosco Hemi says

    Canadians sit and watch Trudeau and Morneau Rob taxpayers is just unreal! Sit and watch how these two Rob and laugh at you!

  6. Bosco Hemi says

    Put the Thief in JAIL. Problem solved, teach these thieves a lesson. Trudeau and Morneau both steal from Canadian taxpayers. But yet nothing happens,. What is going on with these Judges. These two should be locked up for decades. Open your Eyes Canada!

  7. Guy Souriandt says

    Trudeau's okay, but Morneau has to resign. Inexcusable. Conservatives bribe Senators.

  8. daver5150 says

    selfies, socks and a head full of rocks

  9. You are Here. says

    Awesome Prime Minister. The naysayers are actually jealous. Go figure.

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