Toronto tenants accuse landlord of turning down heat

Tenants in a Toronto condo say their landlord is turning down the heat under the usual, prompting residents to activate house heaters.

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  1. Per Sempre Dio says

    Heat shouldn't be taxed as it's a necessity not a luxury! Blame Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals for taxing Canadians to death! Even Premier Rachel Notley has taxed heat in Alberta.

  2. True Tech says

    For years in my old place, the basement was always colder. The air conditioning would be on upstairs in the summer. In the winter, the gas fireplace would be on upstairs in the winter.
    That's also where the thermostat was. There was no negotiating with a older brother who once broke your nose etc. I do understand those tenants concerns.

  3. Eric Von says

    If its true, why didnt they record the temperature before the camera crew came? its 2018 and everyone has a smartphone with a camera.

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