Top 5 Rob Gronkowski Plays | NFL

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Music: Anikdote- Turn It Up

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  1. William Rutherford says

    What about gronks clutch 4th down catch against the broncos in the conference championship?

  2. Bob Jones says

    Can we quickly talk about how Edelman completely BODIES the defender at 1:17? Gladiator

  3. jiminycrint says

    That 'music' is a form of torture. So I ain't gonna like the vid, and I ain't gonna subscribe! Enough already ….

  4. aidyn says

    Only dickbags go for the knees.

  5. devon lloyd says

    please dont play this song again great video tho

  6. Noah Lehman says

    I think a combined 4 defensive players were injured in these highlights. Gnar.

  7. Eddy X says

    He's slow, but who needs speed when you've got the arm of a tank?

  8. Silly Ty a OG says

    his mom stays like 30 mins away from me…?she stays by fgcu

  9. Salvador A. says

    I hate DBs that tackle at the knee from a square or side position… or rather just throw themself full speed at someone's knee… GET IN THE WEIGHT ROOM

  10. DroidFlamesMC says

    Did any else notice the mascot in the background humping the air at 1:04 ??

  11. Tylerf64 says

    I've heard this song before on another channel. All you do is steal content and reupload it. I hope your channel gets shut down.

  12. Sean Sartor says

    Some athletes are just "FREAKS". To be 6'6" , 265lb strong and agile is just CRAZY. He's a mismatch every time he lines up. Too big for DB's and too fast for LB's. And if you try to double him the other weapons get numbers. #SB52 here come The Pats !!!

  13. N8vSOULJA says

    im a seahawks fan but gronk is a best!!!!

  14. Nate Gaikwad says

    if George Atkinson was playing gronk would be KTFO…U FIGURE IT OUT

  15. Joseph Coleman says

    how about the one where he dragged the Chargers DB 5 yards clinging onto his ankle while he one foot hopped to the end zone.. that was hysterical

  16. ron sevo says

    o my god i keep hearing this song what is it!!!!!

  17. Micah Guajardo says

    I'm going to point out Edelmans block on the second one…that was a pretty big block

  18. FootballGoat85 says

    teams are gonna need to triple team GRONK he is to big and strong to be guarded by one or 2 people and he has some speed in him

  19. djhart25 says

    Edlemans block at :53 … dudes also a beast

  20. Joao Andrade says

    No way #5 is a top 5 Gronk play, that's a simple in cut lol he does that all the time. It was on first down too what's so special about that play, just wondering.

  21. Will JK says

    In the first play gronk tackled the defense I thought the defense should tackle him not the other way

  22. lassederboss says

    the music is horrendous!!!! usa trying to do "dubstep"

  23. Isaiah Prout says

    So i guess he never made any plays before 2014 huh even though he was drafted in 2010.

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