Top 5 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2017

Top 5 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2017

5. Top 5 Most Expensive Cars in the World 2017
(2.5$ MILLION)

Huayra BC

four. AM RB 001
(three$ MILLION)

(three.5$ MILLION)

(four.5$ MILLION)

(four.eight$ MILLION)

CCXR Trevita

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    I have a questions that koenigsegg is one:1 not a koenigsegg ccxr trevita

  2. Vihar Shah says

    Pagani Video is from The NFS Hot Pursuit Trailer

  3. Bob Eden says

    Koenigsegg has already achieved one to one!

  4. Why Why says

    The first car was a huyra but it showed a zonda

  5. The Scandinavian Gaming Channel says

    Disliked and about to exit this video when the uploader can't even get the first car right. The car is a Pagani Zonda Cinque, in it's coupé version, not a Huayra. Furthermore, seems like that video is taken from some Need For Speed-promo or something.

  6. Jan Sverssen says

    Pagani huayra is in the top 10, but not top 5 most expensive. get your facts right

  7. Addison's fishing says

    Dude there's a 32 billion car that isn't in hear way not I thought it was top ten most expensive cars

  8. R6 Luka says

    i swear that was a pagani zonda R i saw it on roblox car simulator i swear down and that lamboghini was a lamboghini…

  9. Mission 0 says

    What about the Ferrari 250 with a price of $53 million

  10. katiden Paeikala says

    the most innacurate car video ever dude.. not even the car model is correct CCXR TREVITA or one:1 decide!!

  11. tonton padilla says

    what thats 'the' most expensive car oh my car worth zillion haha joke i love it

  12. Marxus Aurelius says

    You are total dambass!!! The video is confusing and totally inaccurate!!! Instead of Pagani Huayara BC you show us some of the latest Zonda model not exactly sure but it look like Zonda Cinque and Instead of Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita you again show us ONE:1!!! Either way get the facts straight or don't upload confusing incorrect load of bullshit cause you just make yourself to look like total amateur.. I don't think it's hard to get video of either of these 2 cars that you just mistaken with wrong model.. Ridiculous and Really Amateur!!!

  13. Bana Bana says

    My daddys tesla have 711horse power and cost 150k so Why A Lamborghini w 20 More horse power for 10 Times' as much as the tesla

  14. sanjuSAMnda777green sanjay k.rathod says

    OH yeaaah ……………..<<<<<<<<<<<<< I LOVE CARS>>>>>>>>>>>>>AWSOMEEE SPEED /if we increse the horse power up 1500/2000 what would be the speed of the car (r u gonna make that car with excellent design which humen being ever seen in the history)

  15. Johny Cash says

    Hahahaha 12.8 Millionen is Rolls Royce bitch😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. kaos izm says

    LOLZ! DUMB VIDEO. that Lykan is the ugliest car on the planet! good try middle east lolz!

  17. Matt Porter says

    Things wrong with this video:
    1. The majority of what is being shown is a Zonda Cinque, not a Huayra BC.

    2. That's a One:1, not a CCXR Trevita.

    3. The list is completely wrong, there is much more expensive cars out there.

  18. ASM SAM says

    that was not a ccxr that was one

  19. koosmangat says

    And some of them crash.. Along with the some celebrity..And we then we have a new song on the radio..

  20. JDM Originals says

    lykan is the 1st hyper car to look like a kit car… you can make a dog turd limited production and people would still buy it…

  21. No Name says

    i could buy a fucking tank with that money!!

  22. Will Hart says

    Problems I have with this video:
    1. In the beginning that was a Zonda not a Huayra
    2. The Veneno showed racing on the track was in Forza 5
    3. You say CCXR, but you show a Koenigsegg ONE:1

    The video would be great to someone that doesn't know about cars, but I think the reason people clicked on the video is because they know a little something about cars.  The 3 things mentioned above are the only reasons I did not click the like button.

  23. Jared Kozak says

    How's that a huayra off on car names just a bit

  24. Adeem Hamza says

    it's not ccxr it's agera one u r totally bullshit

  25. 123 456 says

    the most exesive car in the world is a farrari someting,it cost 51 milion us dollars

  26. NeonsStyle says

    Got to be the Lambourgini Veneno. Just love it. 🙂

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