Top 5 Julian Edelman Plays | NFL

I do not own any of the rights to this footage. This video is meant for entertainment purposes ONLY. ALL RIGHTS GO TO THE NFL.

Thank you for watching. Also, thank you to a viewer for suggesting this video idea. Suggest other ideas if you want me to make Top 5s from them!

Intro Music: Blazars- Polaris

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  1. Toaster 212 says

    Personally think that there are some way more better plays by him than this

  2. Ben Concklin says

    Julian Edelman is out for the 2017 season, not a pats fan, but will the patriots make it to the superbowl

  3. mty head says

    i caught it… i did… just look… i caught it….

  4. Clutch Matt says

    honestly thought number 1 was gonna be tht 1 superbowl 51 catch

  5. Sun Gaming says

    I bet edelmans super bowl 51 catch should be number 1.

  6. Salvador Perez says

    WTF You Used to be NFL TOP 5s?! LOL I've been seeing your recent videos commented on a couple.
    Great Channel! x'D Love your vids.

  7. 1PatsFan02121 _ says

    Great video. JE11 looks like he belongs in the HOF in these videos plus MANY OTHER PLAYS that are not posted. Who would have thought a 7th. round pick from Kent State would have the heart of a Champion like JE11. When asked, he said, "I'm –
    – – Jewiiiish". Best HOF player I know from a people that most would never think could play as well as he plays in the NFL.
    GO PATRIOT!!!! For the record, I'm from another small group of American people.

  8. Big MoOse says

    what about the sb51 td ohhh October 23rd alright

  9. LOLO says

    JE is AMAZING! Hard worker.

  10. Austin Raiche says

    If this was posted before Super Bowl LI, his insane catch would be here

  11. Frany Chevry says

    definitely posted before one of the best catches in Superbowl history.

  12. Magic Of Messi Life says

    It's one of those YouTubers that comment back to every comment in their video and they say we take our time of our life's when it's only 1 minute or so

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