Top 4 – Helping the Homeless (Social Experiment) 2016

Top 4 – “Helping the Homeless” (Social Experiment) 2016
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  1. Lane Broussard says

    I don’t know if y’all knew this but if you get shit on by a bird you are basically being warned you will receive money in the future

  2. Libby Lol says

    I’m not tying to be rude but the homeless doesn’t have to be its kinda there fault. Anybody can get a job if you truly wanted to make money and put effort in it. But that was really nice of you to give food and stuff to the homeless.

  3. nelson cendana says

    if I only have a lot of money like them . But sorry to say even myself can’t buy food for me

  4. Patrick Sakr says

    That first guy that helped all those people is soo nice and he talks to them and i m watching him talk and started crying so imagine how much he kept his tears away that s hard man

  5. Mr. D says

    Omg man,,, ( nice bro, I Like u )
    nice man … nice …& thank man !!!!

  6. Vinh Nguyễn says

    Ở VN chúng tôi tình mẫu tử rất lớn và cao quý dù khó khăn cỡ nào cũng không bỏ mặt người thân ở bụi như thế . nhìn những người vô gia cư như thế tôi tự hỏi là người thân đâu hết rồi sao để họ như thế , thật là buồn😦

  7. Nul Asmin says

    Those who give the most are the one who need the most

  8. Wahib Exe says

    (God people make fun of people they may be better than them..) my brothers hear me the world rotates like a wheel.. u do not know what you will gain tomorrow.. and you do not know which land you will die

  9. merrell key says

    This is real humanity :') you have such a big heart

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