Top 3 Homeless Man Does Unbelievable Act (Social Experiment)

Top 3 “Homeless Man” Does Unbelievable Act (Social Experiment)
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  1. leanna chapman says

    He is right that's y hope was put in the bottom of Pandora's box under all the darkness… To shine a light to find ur way through…..

  2. Edward richest says

    When I plan to help some one ,god tite my hand ,its heard me lot ,

  3. cenexes 12 says

    and that ladies and gentleman is why america is a fucked up country, the veteran served honorably and gets left in the mud per se

  4. Marquis Mazyck says

    these are to kill myself. Oh really? be careful. yeah they're only to kill myself

  5. Sam Vermeersch says

    the last one is completely fake if you are smart enough you know why

  6. Marisa Hunter says

    Everyone pray for the homeless. Give them hope for what to live for. Man Woman, Black White, who cares just help them out it doesn't matter who they where who they are or what they are. #Helpthehomeless

  7. allenkaye1 says

    You guys got a heart of gold God bless you I'm off to help as well

  8. Peter O'brien says

    In my experience its always the ones who have the least who help the most go figure

  9. Nicholas Watson says

    why don't u do some without money? the government shows even the richest of rich can still be bought. none of u have any idea just how blind u r. experience the life of people u r portraying.

  10. Grant Wiley Esq. says

    So horribly done. C'mon, man. You instantly flop to the ground before you could even swallow all the pills. Common sense dictates the fact that the pills have to hit the stomach and begin the digestion before an intentional OD could actually occur. You should've walked around for 10-15 minutes and played it off, while heightening the suspense and making the people see what their careless, apathetic choice was leading to.Then just simply edit it so it cuts to the part when you hit the ground. Just some constructive-criticism. As a first time viewer, this was the difference in a new subscriber.

  11. ma b says

    why was face blered in the last clip of this video

  12. AnFree Sub says

    sad to watch only the homeless being good but they understand being hungry and having no1 to talk to

  13. Peter Leo says

    Whats wrong 3 police car ?! Omg that shit

  14. Saigon says

    Twenty dollars only ???? Bull shit !!!!!!!!

  15. Hector Pagan says

    who ever dislike vids like this I swear to God I will freak out

  16. Hyperion Games says

    Lol I kinda feel bad cuz I go to the bike shop and buy a 500 dollar bike and go like meh. Plz don't hate on me

  17. amit says

    this guy look like 'turn down for what' song

  18. Eden Perez says

    God Bless All These People Except For the Thieves and Liars I mean bless them to I guess

  19. tomi swag says

    it is unbelievable to see like this person nowsaday if you tell them I want kill my self ,say just its no problem I can kill you too, u need ,a gun ,knigh just like that

  20. I Am Happy And I Deserve It says

    Hahaha what a shame on the guy that was assuming that guy took the money , i meanwho would be on their right mind to put the money so visible and windows are rolled down , like no ones gonna dothat …

  21. Exoticgaming XD says

    Wow!! Seriously homeless people are the one who is pure in heart?? And the ones are not homeless are selfish and they only think of their selfs??? Wow what's is happening to our planet

  22. Alex Osborne says

    Funny they both have Mic on them these vids are so staged

  23. Lanting Farming says

    The first test was very touching, that guy was homeless, and he still has faith and hope, big respect for that.

    At the second test i got someting like: how can you steal money, even if its within your grasp…its not yours, leave it there. This veteran was great. But why is it that so many veterans are homeless?? Cmon they served the country, they should have a great homecomin, not become homeless..

    The last one was a very good guy, amazing. This world needs more people like all of this in this vid, great!!!

  24. Patsy Hernandez says

    That young man was so awesome.I pray that he doesn't have to want for anything.And Thad God takes care of him always

  25. Plague Doctor says

    This why I always give money and do what I can for the homeless.Except if they ask me to help them die then I do my best to convince them to not end their life

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