TOP 3 GOLD DIGGER PRANKS! – Fame Digger Compilation!

TOP 3 GOLD DIGGER PRANKS! – Fame Digger Compilation!
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  1. Mike E says

    women are weird so if a guy walks up to you you can't give them you're number but if he's on a hover board he's a millionaire wow.

  2. Ir. Blake Vhamora says

    Cara yg sombong dalam memperlakukan manusia, hal sperti itu bukan untuk permainan

  3. XxXPH4NTOM says

    I can tall you the second one is fake, i have a camaro and that never happened to me😂

  4. Yorick Aname says

    These are fake…. omg… someone is going to fall for a Camero? What, is she 13?

  5. Toni Ranta says

    The first one the girl was hella ugly lmao 😀 😀

  6. h1zzt says

    These fucking gold diggers are like disease spread all over the city.

  7. Moé Ramirez says

    all men are ugly. that's just how it is. we're not supposed to look pretty.

  8. Triceps says

    i like when these bitches get owned

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