Top 10 Worst OCD Stories

Top 10 Worst OCD Stories.
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In this checklist, we’ll be having a look on the scary true tales of individuals with extreme OCD. Obsessive compulsive dysfunction is usually a debilitating dysfunction for many individuals. Their habits and sometimes irrational ideas can stop them from performing on a everyday foundation. As science understands extra about OCD by these tales, there are hopes that it’s going to at some point be treatable for all victims.


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  1. A Person says

    For about two years I finished every sentence in a slow pace with no apostrophe's finishing every word

  2. sophie turner says

    I have severe ocd as well and I have to se doctors 4 times a week

  3. Emme The Fangirl says

    And I thought I was crazy for alphabetizing all of my books, and putting them all in order by the numbers, then punching my brother in the gut every time he messed them up.

  4. pastell kotobuki says

    Eh, I had "tics" as a child where I had to make certain noises when I was anxious before it felt "right"… not sure if OCD or just… weirdness…

  5. Franka Ivić says

    6:43 I just hope no one started the whole croat/serb thing in the comment section… As a croat I know how many times it's happed

  6. Irene Criel says

    When I play sorry I always have to reorganize the cards.

  7. MM Trap says

    I have OCD where everything has to be in a certain order or in order in general and if nothing is i put a gun to my head and once I saw 4 gold ingots 3 we’re right side up and 1 in the middle was upside down and I nearly died

  8. Thomas Mckay says

    i have the same thing as 1a but a bit different i need to step right then left and say any number of words as long as the number is related to 4 and a few more and everyones OCD i caused by us not being able to dismiss thoughts so if anyone was wonderering about the stove and door one there you go

  9. Miranda2Marvels says

    Imagine if Hugh Turner knocked something over by accident .. he would pass out lol not being rude

  10. Miranda2Marvels says

    That letter girls OCD is weird not being rude just I've never heard of that OCD before

  11. SNAKEGAMER says

    I have an OCD about a clean desk I clean it make sure there are no water bottles anyway so my homework dosent get wet I don’t now it’s weird

  12. Itz Rodrick says

    I had OCD at age 4-11 well I still have it and I need to be treated because it annoying.

  13. Laela Marie says

    I have ocd but my mum has it way worse, she hoovers at least 6 times a day

  14. Pixilmon says

    I have ocd and it’s getting better.

  15. CristianTheDeadGuy13 says

    I think I had the same OCD one time as Number 2. I would go back and check if I did something good and perfect and if I actually did it.

  16. Lydia Wang says

    If I feel I did something wrong (even though I didn't) I would check several time

  17. Zoey Fen says

    lol, Courtney doesn't have OCD, she's just a germaphobe

  18. Jax Hollywood says

    If Nikola Tesla didn’t like touching anything brown how bout if he met a black person but didn’t want to shake their 🤚🏾not only because they were germ carrying but they were also brown, would that make him racist?

  19. Kaleid Stone says

    I used to have OCD but I was never diagnosed with it I still couldn't let go of anything but I let go of it by my self

  20. Nadi Dee says

    As someone who lives with ocd, it truly is a debilitating thing to have…

  21. Queen of Halves says

    I was a bit like Hugh turner. Except my number was 4. I had to do everything 4 times or in the 4 times tables or else it would just hugely bug me for the rest of the day. I had other problems as well such as walking in the perfect pattern so I didn’t step on a crack. It would take me ages to actually get anywhere. I managed to get over it but I occasionally still do it.

    I hope anyone else with my problem can realise how times me consuming it is and that it’s truly not worth a second of it

  22. Mighty Simmer says

    Mine is making sure everything is in the same position at school also my equipment has to be 3cm apart from each other

  23. Xx_MaggieW_xX says

    I don't have OCD thank God!

    But my mind is full of disturbing thoughts…..

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