Top 10 Weirdest Things Found Stuck In Concrete

Top 10 Weirdest Things Found Stuck In Concrete
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We cowl numerous scary tales on this channel however most of them contain folks and locations you may most likely by no means come into contact with. In at present’s record we’re looking at one thing that surrounds us all: concrete. If you pour sufficient of t, one thing unusual is sure to get caught …


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  1. Bathin Nate says

    if u thought it was cool to stick concrete up ya ass, u will take anything up ya ass

  2. Peace2 World says

    When I was a baby my dog walker into setting concrete and the paw print is still there

  3. MoneyDOG says

    Why are these things in concrete weird?

    Why is my butt hurting? Oh it means i gotta shit…..

  4. enjoli dozier says

    why didn't the Frog cross the road because he got stuck in it😂😂😂😂🐸

  5. Johnny James says

    I searched the WHOLE street in street view google maps but i couldnt find the gun. I did find a guy without a blurred face for the first time though.
    The algorithms must have missed him bc he is in next to his car with the door open. Anyway, if anyone finds it, reply with the number or co-ordinates as i am curious. There are alot of potholes on circle drive so i bet it has been covered over

  6. Slime Lover says

    In the morning I was legit gonna be late for school because I watched your videos until 1 am in the morning but then instantly fell asleep..

  7. Laughlan Coe says

    U know that rode stuff can and will melt rubber u must have fire fighters boots and if u do step in that hit tar it will still melt the boots so leving that spade there is actually the smallest thing do becouse i work on rode street and that tar can be knee deep so u step in try pick it out u will have 1000 degrees Celsius burns so

  8. Kanashii Hime says

    AAAAW! "Hi there Vaseline"  LOL!!! I love you Rebecca XD

  9. Rotten Legacy says

    This wasn't in concrete, but I once saw a pair of shoes strung up on a power line…

  10. james harrison says

    concrete is sand cement stones and water, cement is sand cement and water

  11. Antonio Flores says

    I seen an iPhone stuck in cement. A construction worker had said he had lost his phone, but didn't know where. He went back to where he had his phone at work and found it embedded in a sidewalk curb. 😂😂😂

  12. Thecharlie channel says

    in my school, there is a 2 cent coin stuck in the tarmac and no one knows how it got there.

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