Top 10 Shows You Didn’t Know Were On Netflix

Top 10 Shows You Didn’t Know Were On Netflix.

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As the chilly months strategy I’m fairly positive lots of us are planning to snuggle up and watch extra Netflix… heck… the climate isn’t even an excuse… we simply wanna watch extra TV! What hidden gems are on Netflix you won’t already learn about.

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  1. BigJ Go says

    I am surprised you didn't put power rangers, Luke Cage or Pokemon

  2. Will Whyatt says

    Wait your living in Canada and there isnt trailer park boys on this list? How could you!?

  3. louis p constant says

    Pause the vid ANYTIME where Rebecca speaks and i GUARANTEE you will see her closed eyed lol

  4. Raul Cruz says

    My favorites shows on nexflix is liv and Maddie, jessie, bunked, and total drama island!

  5. Shadowstar says

    My favorite show on Netflix is The 100. If you like Sci-fi/alternate society shows like me this is a great one too watch.

  6. rebecca and arwen says

    wow you really know you are old when your childhood tv show was deemed a classic

  7. raven MSP says

    When you realize you watched Stranger things2 in one whole day and there’s no more until next year🤯 Me

  8. emma barrow says

    Netflix actually made a spin-off show for the magic school bus called the magic school bus rides again

  9. Reese man19 says

    I knew friends was on Netflix im watching it right now

  10. Rotten Legacy says

    My favorite show on Netflix is Charmed, without a doubt. Monk and Psych were also good, luckily I was able to finish Psych before they removed it. Why, Netflix, why?

  11. tipsgamez says

    woohoo! I live in the Netherlands! (Star wars for me!!!)

  12. Woofgang_75 says

    I’m mad at Netflix because they removed rick and morty

  13. HEROBRIN98 says

    The force awakens is not on Netflix don't try

  14. ieatcupcakes says

    Merlin is seriously a great show I highly recommended it!!!!!

  15. Pepper Reynolds says

    Honeybun, I knew Friends was on Netflix. Everyone knows Friends is on Netflix, you see fans of the show are given a special code which states exactly when Friends was added. If course everyone loves Friends, so everyone knows

  16. Nic Flinn says

    Good to know, I'm Australian but will likely spend all summer watching tv.

  17. Sarah McLove says

    On my Netflix the only thing I have that's on the list is the magic school bus. I'm especially gutted I don't have law and order SVU 😭

  18. Joshua Dougan says

    "I have a lot of respect for Kyle Glass"

    His name is Kyle Gas

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