Top 10 Scary Things Found By Hikers

Top 10 Scary Things Found By Hikers
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Today We are speaking concerning the Top 10 Scary issues discovered by hikers… Now I really like an excellent hike, I’ve climbed the entire three peaks of the UK…I’ve climbed Carentoonhill in Ireland….I’d like to do some Everest base trekking… I’ve discovered some bizarre issues on hikes, which I’m going to place on this record….however my findings pale compared to another horrifying discoveries.

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  1. Ian VonFrank says

    Not really scary, but weird: my friends and I were hiking in Baxter State Park and found an old, rusted car halfway in a pond. All the tires were scattered, it was really weird.

  2. RoseGold Sara says

    I Live In Finland… And Although It’s Creepy I’m Happy It Happened Like 57 Years Ago

  3. Dammboy says

    I live in Finland and i have heard that story for a few times

  4. Andzela Kurzava says

    Well i live in Macedonia soo i dont think you whold ever come here :'(

  5. Cas Marshall says

    There's a small forest in Oxford, and if you stray off the footpath to the left and go through the tree's and bushes, you will eventually come across a giant old wooden frame with a noose. Although that's not too much of a big deal, the weirdest thing about it is there is a really old and degraded mattress right next to it too.

    I wouldn't consider is 'scary' though, just super weird. Me and my siblings used to play nearby it when we was younger (about 10~ years ago). No idea if it's still there though, maybe the 'cleanup' schemes in the area have cleared it out.

  6. Mildred Odondi says

    Ensure you enjoy more by consuming clean water during the outdoor activities. consuming drinking waters outside your home is tricky because the safety is not guaranteed. Portable water filters are the way to go. Read more

  7. FunnyFazbear says

    the scariest thing i found was a good emoji movie review

  8. Coconyt says

    We were driving across Tejde on Puerto de la Cruz, stopped at a sort of pit stop on the side of the road and over the railing there was a horse-sized skeleton just lying there… that was a bit fucky tbch

  9. Tighan Mc Donogh says

    my dad found a spider in base camp when he was in Mt. Everest yesterday lol

    wait a spider


  10. Honey xxx says

    When I was hiking in the woods I seen a wallet with £234 pound and I looked at his picture he had a mask on his name was miky kingston

  11. ___ says

    4:25 Looks like a swing me and my friends made once. Like you climb the tree and put your foot in the loop then push off the tree trunk with your other foot

  12. ___ says

    I didn't like hiking anyway…

  13. amysimonbiz says

    I live near YNP and it is reasonable to find a horse:
    1- We have wild horses in MT/WY
    2-There are trip’s with guides you can take with Horses or even mules.
    3-YNP has a long history including Lewis & Clark expedition off shoot.

  14. Lily Emma Lindsay says

    We have found dead animals on hikes & that's all the scary things we've found on hikes

  15. Zach Hood says

    I live in Scarborough Maine like 10 minutes from Westbrook

  16. CCW CCW says

    I am not lying I found a big elephant or mammoth tusk

  17. babby bobabs says

    once I was walking in the woods and I found a bucket my mom wouldn't let me take it home XD

  18. DEGE says

    my step brother was hiking up a mountain with his friends, looked down a cliff and found a old mans dead body and recorded it.

  19. Cher says

    Not barnacles, mussels 😉

  20. B-Wap says

    I saw a noose just outside someone’s back garden ☹️☹️😫

  21. Lhove Gregorio says

    👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹I am the devil

  22. kayley sockey says

    so off subject but anyone know where she got that shirt?

  23. Sable Nuala says

    Also, I've been told if you wear the mask from the first picture it molds onto your face and gives you the ability to turn into, or create anything from your imagination 👌

  24. Sable Nuala says

    This isn't really the same but my Mum is compiling a photo gallery of 'things that don't belong here'
    So far she has a washing machine in a mountain forest, an old style tv set at the mouth of a lake (in the water) a dvd player fit snuggly into some huge bolders and a rocking chair in another forest

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