Top 10 Scary Makeup That Looks Too Real – Part 2

Top 10 Scary Makeup That Looks Too Real – Part 2
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For this second serving of scary, I’ve gone looser with the time period “real” …. Because, like, zombies and witches aren’t formally actual…but when they have been…these make up artists have down a fantastic job of creating themselves seem like precise ghouls….put it this manner….I wouldn’t need to run into any of the individuals on this checklist on a darkish night time….make up or no make-up!

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  1. Tetrafy says

    rebecca really likes makeup 😊

  2. Arisu Kiti says

    cough that's actually Billy not Jigsaw cough

  3. Emily Davis says

    When did you get glasses Rebecca? They look hot on you 😉

  4. the madman lowercase says

    Leapin' Lizards! These people are so talented! I did clown makeup once when i was like 12, and it was horrible. Love how you give shout-outs to these people Rebecca. I could use some encouragement, too. I think i need to get a real job. Give up my pipe dreams of being paid for podcasting or youtubing, for i lack all sorts of talent. It's a big world full of talented people like those on this list, and no one wants to pay to hear me coughing into a microphone or ranting about Nightwing's butt. I depressed myself more. Yeah, i'm getting drunk tonight. And I gotta do my laundry. That meatball sub isn't sitting well. Am I still typing? Sorry.

  5. luke bell says

    State tie loss consideration Olympics per employer secretary

  6. Areli Avendamo says

    can you please pin this most amazing top 10 to show im a true fan?

  7. rkless HotDog says

    I dont think people watch utube on computers no more, soooo theres no point at putting links anymore

  8. SmallTown Swimmer says

    The zombie and medical skull are my favorites. But they all are still freaking cool!

  9. Markimoo Girl21 says

    I love you Rebecca ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍 honey you are a brilliant Beauty… Love ya darling 😘😘😘😘😘

  10. Dragon Killer 5566 says

    Rebbeca: Jigsaw scared the bejesus out of me
    FuzionZGamer: Hey you took that from me
    Rebecca: Who are you
    FuzionZGamer: A youtuber all abut FNAF GAMES and Fan GAMES
    Rebbeca: Cool, I'll check you out
    ME: Crying of laughter

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