Top 10 Scary 911 Phone Calls – Part 2

Top 10 Scary 911 Phone Calls – Part 2
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911 dispatchers have one of the crucial intense careers as a result of they must cope with some horrific emergencies every day. They have homicide’s confessing their crimes they usually have distraught folks screaming for assist. So let’s check out the highest 10 scary 911 cellphone calls – half 2. If you guys wish to watch half 1 you may click on proper over right here.

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  1. This IsMyUsername 1987 says

    Dispatcher: 911, what's your emergency?
    Me: Guy tried to break into my house with a gun, steal my shit, and kill me. Come get his body, its on the floor.
    Hangs up.

  2. the giulian81 says

    5:50 the 911 operater has the nerve to ask if shes alright when the women is screaming

  3. Misty Garrett says

    Don't pronounce the s in Illinois. Not many people know this but the s is silent

  4. lolipop swirl says

    Wow number 1 that's just wrong bruh I mean why would u do that to ur own 3 year old baby

    Edit:3 month

  5. Michael Knight says

    Caller: "The baby is on the counter with his head smashed." 911 idiot: "Duhhh….is it male or female…" —-Clearly a moron unable to deal with emergency situations. Do they even screen some of these operators?

  6. Catherine Harvey says

    The worst one was the lady when she was screaming omg it was terrifying I was squirming around on my seat 😦😦

  7. MB Cool Pug says

    Your so loud I was siting with my Guinea Pig then he jumped up wow don't worry he's okay now

  8. Bowen Chafe says

    You are the funniest and the best youtuber ever

  9. Trina a.k says

    …most of the calls ended with sad & tragic story~ 😢😢😢

  10. George Macmunn says

    Number 3 not to be offensive but her scream sounded like a kettle

  11. aboewaleed says

    Number 3 and 2 is very disturbing and very sad! I real hope those criminals will be severely punish!!!

  12. ArchAFae says

    Glad I decided to watch this long before I go to bed. Nightmare-inducing stuff right here.

  13. Mystic Raven says

    Most of these are all repeated. I've heard most of these from other videos I've seen lol. Still a good vid tho

  14. Vicki Noeske says

    Saying that…there's no reason for a 70+ man to have a 21 yr wife & baby. Ha

  15. Lorilei M says

    FYI: you don't pronounce the s at the end of Illinois

  16. Erkki 1 says

    in my opinion, the happy music in the start doesnt rly fit😬

  17. Angelica N says

    Danny should absolutely have done this one.

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