Top 10 Most Extreme Body Piercings

Top 10 Most Extreme Body Piercings.
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These piercings are so excessive, that even by these footage, you’ll really feel ache throughout your physique. Enjoy as we provide the Top 10 Most Extreme Body Piercings.

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  1. v says

    I know a guy with the dermal "dinosaur" piercings in his head, it was actually super interesting to watch and he said it's surprisingly easy to dress/live with them. Definitely worth the pain to him.

  2. Kate H says

    Woah… I'll never be able to understand why they do this, but whatever floats their boat I suppose 🤔😶

  3. megan gillespie says

    This is terrifying I only have my lobe then my upper lobe pierced

  4. I Make Machinimas says

    i don't have any piercings and i don't want any (ewww piercings are gross!!!)

  5. Seth says

    Wtf is wrong with people

  6. Misty Haycraft says

    Ears pierced (did the top of right ear myself) 5 times, want my nose repierced, possibly my eyebrow…considering ear gauges (small ones)

  7. Michaela Thomas says

    Why would you pierce near you Achilles’ tendon. The piercing pushed on it

  8. Lorali Cantu says

    No no no nO no No

    I'm scarred to even get my ears pierced let alone any of these X3

  9. H2OdeliriousDeliriousArmy ForLife says

    JOE MIGGLER WAS ON BODYSHOCKERS NIPS TUCKS AND TATTOS BY KATY PIPER 2016 SO WAS ROLF BUCHHOLZ!!!!! He pierced his privates all over!!! The pictures of his genitals are hardly graphic cause it’s just silver metal! XD

  10. Slam Rules says

    I'm thinking about stretching my ears. Is there someone with experience

  11. Adam Diedrichs says

    I am a former pierce artist and Appreciate the dedication these people have. It's social barbwire. Strange stuff keeps the idiots away.

  12. Lindsey Stidham says

    Please note that #3 is a uvula piercing. The epiglottis is not possible to pierce as it’s too far down in the trachea and would also impair speech.

  13. becczo2216 says

    I have saw Elaine at the festival in edinbrugh

  14. Cindy Werner says

    I actually find every piercing here super cool. Although I wouldn't want them all myself. I do have some piercings 🙂 that is: a belly button piercing, nose piercing, in both ears a 10mm stretcher and two more piercings above it. Then in my left ear an industrial piercing and in the right one a helix. So that comes to 11 'cause the industrial is made out of 2 holes. Also 9 tattoos and shortly 10. Yaaay!! 👐👐

  15. кι lα says

    I’ve always been scared of piercings..

  16. lee says

    Ppl go too far in my opinion damn that is the point of this are they just looking for attention?

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