Top 10 Most Difficult Shots in Tennis peRFected by Roger Federer (HD)

Ultimate Compilation (Bigger model of this video):

Roger Federer just isn’t all in regards to the information, he has been extra constant than some other participant on the subject of hitting essentially the most troublesome photographs in the sport. Hit “like” and go away a remark in order for you me to make a fair larger model of this on my tribute channel 😀


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  1. TennisTop10's says

    I really love this video, give it a big thumbs up, comment and share if you do too! I will have a much bigger version with even more categories ready for you on my tribute channel if you like it.
    Question of the day: Which category shot has Roger yet to master? (my suggestion is the diving volley)

  2. qing zhang says

    single handed back hand half volley is better,

  3. Jay Omni says

    He wasn’t made for tennis tennis was made for him

  4. J Quisto says

    Great compilation 🙂 reason why Roger is still there is because he obviously really enjoys the game 🙂 This footage shows!

  5. Alfando Savant says

    Those fake shots are really a double fake shots tho. He prepared as if going to hit a drive, then change it like it's going to be a drop shot, THEN actually hitting a deep slice. Yeah, that's how genius he is…

  6. natoskull2 says

    Djokovic will be back, but… stronger and better than he ever was.

  7. Tom Strutt says

    Along with his speed, technical perfection, tactics and precise shot making, Roger's game is beautiful, elegant. Its like watching Baryshnikov. Thanks for this inspiring video.

  8. Sariel says

    Longer commentary would make this video peRFection.

  9. pitthepig says

    You cut the clips always too soon. I just had to quit watching this video.

  10. lawrobi says

    still waiting for Nadal's video…oh wait, probably less material 🙂 more seriously both are just the greatest athletes of the World right now.

  11. DRShrubberyMD says

    Every good Federer Montage must end with that shot against Andy Roddick that this one uses. Excellent video.

  12. LuxuryJesper says

    Besides his tweeners, his so called Smash on smash (the last one) is downright incredible. His precision in those shots, I don't know how he does it.

    Really good video, man 😀

  13. Alex Barrinuevo says

    i've never watched tennis like this before…he's amazing and incredible…soooooooooooooo great !!!

  14. jeff afe says

    4 aces in a row is not a "shot" you stupid fucking retarded moron

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