Top 10 Insane Prison Riots

Top 10 Insane Prison Riots.
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Prison riots are absolutely the worst case state of affairs within the jail system. They can result in absolute chaos, extreme accidents and so they can value the tax payers some huge cash. So right here we’re counting down the highest 10 insane jail riots.

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  1. Raul Montiel says

    Your you tube channel is awesome if only I had 2 million subscribers

  2. Derek Hughes says

    Landon wants to exterminate all the criminals apparently

  3. Driks Lokee says

    In the New Mexico one a guy had hid crotch axed in and head cut off. The head was then put in his crotch and mouth used as a ashtray

  4. Driks Lokee says

    My Grandpa worked gaurd for the New Mexico riot

  5. Ginny Weasley says

    Alcatraz sounds like azcaban where the most dangerous wizard are kept and is inescapable (apart from Sirius black duh)

  6. GrassyPlayz says

    Did you hesr about crime school, you can learn crime for life

  7. Taha Ali says

    The word "prison" sounds weird now.

  8. Slam Rules says

    Why do we lock up people? Because they broke the law and shoud not be in society but don't deserve the death sentence

  9. OasisVFX says

    the Alcatraz story is so much longer than that

  10. HaileyVerge says

    Where was Kingston Pen??? That place had multiple riots one of which lasted 4 days, resulted in 2 deaths and extensive destruction to cell blocks. There was also the 1954 riot in which they set fire to a building.

  11. Cpt. Deathdrone says

    I actually know the 3rd one from a gangland episode. I think was started by a gang rivalry with the snm

  12. Oliver Buchanan says

    What about the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility riots of 1993

  13. Vincent Liberdy says

    you guys just copied TSM logo from league of legends… ikr CAUGHT U!

  14. Wolfgang 2027 says

    😱😱😱😱😱😱April 16 is my birthday and I have a birthmark on my chest

  15. Scott Plays says

    In the country that I live in, prisoners actually burnt down the entire rison and only like 4-7 escaped. Some of them got recaptures tho. Oh and only 1 prison officer died. And that crazy because there was a fire in the prison before and I think 4 – 6 people died

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