Top 10 INSANE American Laws That Actually Exist

Top 10 INSANE American Laws That Actually Exist
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Some of those legal guidelines that we’re going to discuss as we speak, are a few of the most outrageous and loopy issues that there should not be a legislation for it to start with. Join me on this checklist as we provide the Top 10 INSANE American Laws That Actually Exist.


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    I live in the USA I was just at the store they had kender eggs
    I have seen them in a bunch of different stores

  2. Zayaneck Catoni says

    I remember when my dad was in Germany, I was over at a friend's house, who told me about kinder eggs, so I texted my dad to get them, not knowing they were illegal. I still got them though which is cool

  3. Tj Nickles says

    I got a really really good law for you guys you can’t Drive a car while wearing a motorcycle helmet while drunk wife doing a backflip why singing the Barney theme song while doing jumping jacks and juggling flaming chainsaws and while drunk and wearing a clown suit and if you do all that you have to pay a fine of $500 that’s my good law let me know what you guys thank

  4. Tj Nickles says

    I live in America I’m never heard of half of these Lowells my spelling is not that good are used to speech app on my phone and it barely works so I apologize

  5. Diane Smith says

    While it doesn't make sense now, there was a reason against carrying an ice cream in your back pocket. Before cars where invented or not widely used, horses were used to carry, transport, or used as taxis. A thief, with an ice cream in his pocket would get the horse to follow. I guess they really liked ice cream.

  6. J Weaver says

    Here in Arizona (if you know a lot about it) the cactus law kind of makes sense, because we (and part of Mexico) are the only places with suguaro cacti. So, when you think about it it makes sense

  7. Nelson Torres says

    Are you referring to gay marriage? Because you know federal law trumps state law so they can in fact get married.

  8. S. Lee P says

    The kinder egg thing is fake. I've seen kinder eggs at target and a bunch of other stores.

  9. Grickery says

    I'm American and I've broken a good amount of these laws, I'm not in trouble
    And the shoe sleep thing is not acknowledged
    Same for the xmas Maine thing
    I brought a kinder egg from cananada to Georgia (us) take me to prison
    And in Georgia I've seen people living in a boat
    I've carried ice cream in my pocket but it wasn't in a cone
    Gay marriage is kinna legal in Georgia now YAY

  10. gio Hi says

    I saw a kinder egg at Wal-Mart I was shoked😰

  11. Avokeing says

    Rebecca the things I would do to you babyyyyy😌

  12. Crazzy222 says

    My dad was in the military, so my early years were spent in Germany. I miss kinder eggs so much guys, and the new kinder pudding cup things feel like an insult to my childhood and American competence.

  13. Chicken Nuggets says

    You should do another one of these videos and mention the super specific one about boiled peanuts in Alabama!

  14. Kellydog 64 says

    I can see why we can't have kender suppise eggs because what if someone does not know there is a toy in there so yep that's may be why

  15. Emma Budke says

    What about the law in Connecticut of a pickle must bounce to legally be called a pickle?

  16. babyf00dface says

    Cellmate: What are you in for?
    Me: I slept with my shoes on, you?
    Cellmate: I put an ice cream cone in my back pocket.

  17. Jack Goodwin says

    I'm no longer planning to visit the Pentagon in the states, after Trump's presidency of course, becasue I'll get arrested because of my instinct to make stupid noises when things are too quiet.

    P.S I'm from New Zealand not the states, becasue of I tried to place the information in the main comment it would be too awkward.

  18. Xavier Washington says

    I just realized they’re like the new Watchmojo, before Watchmojo ran outta of ideas

  19. Galexia Galaxy Girl says

    Welp, for 1, i was born in America and now i want to leave, and for 2, I guess i can't even enter the Pentagon cuz well…I'm the Embodiment of Weird, i do absolutely strange and weird crap out of nowhere almost all the time, at least once a day

  20. Rycat Gaming says

    It's illegal to make a funny face at your dog in Oklahoma.

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