Top 10 Famous People Who Met Their Idols

Top 10 Famous People Who Met Their Idols.
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Think of a well-known particular person you actually admire. You received one? Well there’s an excellent probability that your idol really idolizes one other well-known particular person. Sometimes, that particular person could be the most important inspiration for them in the entire world and generally, the second they met is captured on digicam. This is the Top 10 Times Famous People Met Their Idols

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  1. Kaitlin Osborne says

    I have met my all time celebrity crush and all time celebrity idol/God. My all time Celebrity crush is Andy Biersack who I met the day before my 19th Birthday in 2016. Shortly before that in May 2016, I met my life, my idol, MY PERSONAL GOD, Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe and Sixx AM at that year’s (and my first) Rock on the Range Festival held every year in Columbus Ohio. I honestly hope that I become famous one day as I am auditioning for America’s Got Talent on 11/14/2017 in Cincinnati Ohio!

  2. MrCopedag says

    I met Russ and snow that product 2 cool was people

  3. Auroara Winberg says

    I've met a few Nascar drivers. I was a huge Steve Park Fan back in the day, and I got to meet him not just once but twice, Once at a Nascar event in Las Vegas Nevada and once at a Nascar Race in Phoenix Arizona.

  4. FunnyBunnyJoshie says

    I hope I meet Coyote Peterson someday, I like to be like him in the future🐾🐺

  5. Safaridis Stefanos says

    You know why ariana is so famous, because she was carryed by jim carrey.Ohhhhhhhh….kill me..

  6. Imaginary Winchester says

    Growing up I watched the Canadian comedy troupe The Kids In The Hall religiously. I always had the biggest crush on Bruce McCullough, and thought they were all amazing. Several years back, the disbanded troupe reunited for a world tour, and my sweet, amazing husband bought me tickets just six rows back, center, to the show. and drove me 3 hours to get there. It was absolutely AMAZING. And when the show ended, they came down and met with the fans, which I didn't know they were going to do and nearly passed out. I actually got a chance to have a fairly long conversation with Bruce and he was the sweetest thing I could ever have imagined. Just brilliant. Mark even took pictures of my nails for his collection. (I had painted "I <3 Bruce" on them, LOL) That night, I crossed something off my bucket list and it will remain one of the best nights of my life. <3

  7. Robin Nygren Hiltunen says

    I met a youtuber from my country like a week after I stopped watched his videos. I'm talking about the Swedish youtuber Ufosxm

  8. Jonathan Emptage says

    I've met Hugh Dennis (he seemed a bit down but still signed an autograph for me) and i also met Adam Hills who is the nicest person in the world.

  9. sunny jeet says

    Hey Denny, you look like the guy from ozzy man review

  10. aizlyne1 says

    I met the Late and Great front man for the Tragically Hip, Gord Downey. In 1984 at a small pub in Calgary Alberta called The Old Scotch. The Hip weren't a big name yet, but soon would be. Rest Easy Gord !

  11. arduhyp says

    If they really met their idols, it would be aleister crawley or anton lavey. But yeah they are both dead

  12. Danny Iontton says

    the Pro Wrestler Drew GallowayMcIntyre safe to say I lost my cool.

  13. Maja Wisniewska says

    I reallyyyyy wanna meet Dylan O'Brian and Daniel Sharman cuz i just LOVE Teen Wolf😍😍

  14. Bryam Garcia says

    I like Danny more than London dude Danny should just run the whole channel the rest of them annoy me for sum reason

  15. Hky.65 says

    Omg I haven't watched Danny for 4 months his hair is so long

  16. Kirsti Swanson says

    I met actor Adrien Brody because I was a extra in one of his films

  17. Amy Polar says

    I met Michelle Obama and shailene woodly. But there not my idols but there still great people

  18. snowie 1985 says

    I actually was told by Morgan Freeman that l was a good improve actress, and it was amazing.

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