Top 10 Dumbest Social Media Challenges Of All Time

Top 10 Dumbest Social Media Challenges Of All Time.
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Today we’re speaking in regards to the Top 10 dumbest social media challenges of all time. I’d actually hope that anyone watching these movies is sensible sufficient to know that these are ridiculously silly, and simply because no brains social media stars or influencer;s who HAVE to do dumb stuff to get consideration as a result of they actually would not have the rest happening up there…doesn’t imply you need to copy them!

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  1. Dacia Lehman says

    For me, setting yourself on fire is BY FAR the DUMBEST!!!!!!! I'm mean, WHEN HAS FIRE ON YOUR BODY EEEVVVEEERR BEEN SAFE!!!!!?????!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Tips for How Not to Survive
    1. Set yourself on fire

  2. Batul Raza says

    after number 4 I was like 😂😂 oh no whats next

  3. Emily Rooney says

    :Set fire to yourself
    :I'm killing myself!!!!!
    :gets knife and kills self:

  4. Winnie Bosecker says

    R.I.P everyone who died in tye blue whale challenge (this one specifically because it was aimed toward the suicidal)

  5. Ciara M. says

    I remember my uncle doing the Salt and Ice challenge when it got really popular. He has a scar on his arm now. Sigh…

  6. Coca Cola says

    PaSS OuT cHallEngE
    SeT yOuR SelF oN FiRe ChallEngE
    BlUe WhAlE cHallEngE

    From a sophistacate (me) all social media “challenges” are dumb.

  7. Tatsaki Sisters says

    I did the cinnamon challenge without water and succeeded! I am still surprised I never went to the hospital

  8. lovely farts says

    SYOF: set yourself on fire trend
    Stop drop and roll!

  9. Sara Elsibaey says

    These challenges should be in a book named how to kill yourself trying to look cool

  10. Silverhunter 77 says

    It’s wrong when it’s called the blue whale challenge because hundreds of whales actually commit suicide a year by beaching themselves purposefully

  11. Sarah Mackie says

    the dumbest thing I ever did was get lost in a store and yes I did learn my lesson

  12. Guloona Ali Khattak says

    everybody says that that if you participate in the blue whale challenge and try to back out, they will kill your family

  13. Starlene 13 says

    I rode down a hill on my bike after it rained into a mud pit

  14. Jordan Darnell says

    The guy who made the blue whale game is in prison literally he is

  15. ThunderShulker says

    why do people do the challenge blue whale
    wtf is the problem with some people

  16. Jamal Powell says

    One of the best presenters of all time Rebecca Fellgate #GOAT For The Win, Greatest Of All Time, plus + she's a babe 😂😂

  17. HellTech 64 says

    Glozel is so stupid she didn’t know how to do the Kylie Jenner challenge, she did it with a vacuum

  18. strawberry Cup says

    my friend isaiah gonzalas did the blue whale challenge and committed suicide. he was on the news i haven't seen him in a while but i found out after a year of moving away from him. :'(

  19. Nick Valentine says

    "Set-Yourself-On-Fire Challenge"

    Its just natural selection at this point

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