Top 10 Craziest Birth Marks

Top 10 Craziest Birth Marks.
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Today we’re going to be celebrating individuality as we talk about the Top 10 Craziest Birth Marks. Some individuals are very anxious about bodily variations, however the folks on this record appear to personal what makes them distinctive, and we’re impressed by them! Individuality endlessly! Let’s do that!

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  1. JasmineThePotterhead says

    I have a giant birthmark all over the left side of my face, it is red but if it is cold it goes purple. I cover it with makeup though

  2. Kim Hohlmayer says

    Best list ever! Loved the sensitivity and positvity with which the subject was handled.

  3. Blue Coyote says

    Even though David Bowie wasn't born with his odd eye, I've heard plenty of times over the years that it is part of what seems to captivate people about him. So why does he get off and that woman doesn't. I'm sure also that some people are genuine in concern but I can see you get asked enough it doesn't matter if anyone really cares or not.

  4. Satori S says

    I have a birthmark in the exact shape of New Zealand

  5. TheEnderBannete says

    My sister used to have a purple and pink birthmark on her thigh that looked like fireworks.

  6. Kendal Runkle says

    Does being born with eleven fingers count as a birthmark?

  7. Toast ! says

    I just have a red mark under My fut

  8. E Martin says

    Meanwhile I'm here with a tiny blob shaped slightly darker spot near my "manhood".

  9. IDuz Gamez says

    I'm in tears. All of these people are so beautiful and cuuuuttteee!!! Also that puppy was much dashing

  10. Shirley pilger says

    My daughter has a birth mark on her butt that looks like someone kissed it while wearing raspberry lipstick.

  11. Emma Young says

    When I was born, I had a bright red circle on my stomach and doctors thought it was a tuma. I still have today but it's not as red anymore

  12. Dayanara Paz says

    I have a birthmark on my lip☹️I absolutely hate it but I cannot remove it😣😭the birthmark is quite big

  13. Ella Hayes says

    I have a birth mark shaped like a sting ray

  14. Ali Fosnot says

    And I love it because so some people like it

  15. Ali Fosnot says

    I have a spike ball birth mark on my shoulder

  16. Alissa xx says

    I have a birth mark that makes me look fat ;(

  17. Genesis Casanova says

    I have the island of PR on the back of my right thigh – my dad's sisters also has the same birthmark

  18. gaming with bailey says

    I have a weird birth mark . The birth mark is a blonde strike in my hair but I have brown hair.

  19. I have a Rabbit says

    There is a boy in my school who has a white patch in his hair most people think he bleached his hair

  20. Chara Dreemurr says

    One time i was at Aqua park and i saw this really cool birthmark: there was a guy with brown circles all over his body, it was SOO cool!

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