Top 10 Celebrities Who Served The Longest Time In Prison

Top 10 Celebrities Who Served The Longest Time In Prison
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In right this moment’s checklist, we check out some scary tales of celeb crime and the punishments they got! You may assume celebrities can get away with something however even they can not escape the lengthy arm of the legislation. Let’s see who did the crime and what was the time …


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  1. Xavier Wuzhur says

    5:00 I don’t have a gf because I know if I found out she cheated on me I’d kill a bunch of people with no remorse her and the other dude included most brutally

  2. kempmt1 says

    I thought OJ Simpson was to be #1

  3. Kupal King says

    who the fvck are those "CELEBRITIES" how did an MTV star became a "CELEBRITY" without knowing who she even is.

    wtf is this ..

  4. Chelsea Michelle says

    I actually really struggle to get through Landon’s videos. I mean he can barely talk properly because he talks so fast! Slow down and watch you’re pronunciation!

  5. Kings Phoenix says

    6 years in prison?!? They should of gave him a longer sentence like 20 years

  6. Lily Emma Lindsay says

    Tim Allen almost didn't play santa claus because he had a criminal record.

  7. rubymimosa says

    You called out Machete having been incarcerated before becoming a celebrity. Did you not realize the same is true of Tim Allen?

  8. nathan Pak says

    we all know yall copied watch mojo and danger dolan

  9. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon says

    Tim Allen doesn’t qualify for this list. He was NOT a celebrity when he spent time in prison. His fame came long after that.

  10. yeahriight57 says

    I think it is so fricking cute how Landon is so proud of his wife! Congrats, wish you the best!

  11. Erik Bakker says

    Voice writer work local evolve comment reach victory.

  12. jebus02134 says

    No one cares what number view/comment you are. Stfu

  13. MCD Baxter says

    Hi Landon, see CeDany on Instagram, under my Indie Author's pen name and here. Hope you or your wife, might like reading about the origins of #supernaturals, mainly #vampires and #witches? Thanks CeDany BB V-V!

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