Top 10 Best Kids Fails | Funny Fail Compilation September 2017


It’s the Top 10 BEST KID FAILS!
Count down for September 2017 these hilarious fails! Kids fail within the darnedest methods… with the TOP 10 BEST KID FAILS of ALL TIME on the web!

Check out Funny Vines “When Kids Attack! Funny Vine Comp” :

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Do you’ve an epic fail, a stunt gone flawed or somebody getting owned caught on tape? Submit it right here and we’ll function it in our upcoming compilations. Be certain to verify again each week ►

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  1. Sam Patel says

    Critical random concern gfcuhm concerned greatly complain.

  2. Ludvig Moen says

    Play early harsh seed proportion dress queen publish.

  3. Sean Hawk says

    The kid @ 0:36 seconds has a great life ahead of him. He's already learned to lean into it.

  4. mikeykm1993 says

    Funny … but some of these parents are moronic.

  5. Crazy WorlD says

    I like your Videos 😀 very funny and always new fails 🙂

  6. unknown 56 says

    Stupid parents don't give shit for their kidds.

  7. Allan003 says

    Damn, now I think I want a kid… 🙁

  8. Sursion says

    I'd prefer ditching the 'Top 10' style format, it seems like a downgrade from the videos you used to put out that had way more content.

  9. T.J.C.P says

    That kid at the end was like I'm gonna do that again😂

  10. David Villarrius says

    What has happened to parents? The lols are more important than their child's safety.

  11. {UFR}THE FLYLEAF says

    Well… the kids fails generally sucks, but we have much too see of ur channel, so its ok Rambo.

  12. FunnyFails says

    I like your Videos 😀 very funny and always new fails 🙂

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