In the late fall of 2012, Theo Padnos, a struggling American journalist, was kidnapped by Al Qaeda…
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In the late fall of 2012, Theo Padnos, a struggling American journalist, slipped into Syria to report on the nation’s civil warfare and was promptly kidnapped by Al Qaeda’s department in Syria. Because he spoke fluent Arabic, his captors suspected he labored for the CIA and, for months, brutally tortured him throughout interrogation classes. But his fluency, coupled together with his outstanding private expansiveness, additionally led to a unprecedented engagement with, and understanding of, his captors. By the time of his launch, twenty-two months later, he had develop into a confidante of al-Qaeda’s high commander in Syria. In THEO WHO LIVED, Padnos returns to the Middle East and retraces the bodily and emotional steps of his harrowing journey, performing his recollections, and enacting the fantasy world he created as technique of psychological escape. A gripping narrative that features betrayal among the many imprisoned, unlikely friendships, and thwarted escapes, THEO WHO LIVED is an intimate portrait of non-public resilience and beauty within the face of hate.

A Movie directed by David Schisgall
Release Date : October seventh, 2016
Genre : Documentary

© 2016 – Zeitgeist Films

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  1. bigfish langille says

    Sorry you had to go through this 'I don't know if I could ever forgive the goof who left you there ,I don't know how it would be ,but I don't understand that ,God Bless you and your family .

  2. James Matthews says

    Nice doc. well made. amazed by his account. but one aspect troubles me. half of the film Theo is talking about how he's being tortured for no reason. he and his family are bring put through hell for no justifiable reason. the other half he going on about how he doesn't really blame Al-Qaeda for their actions and how he sympathizes with them because of the US's involvement in the middle east. I'm watching this and left dumbfounded. What the hell does that have to do or justify all the kidnappings and brutal murders being perpetrated by radical Islamic terrorists? After all they put him and his family through….Like a naive college student he still doesn't get it. You gotta love Vermont, Northeast liberals. The truth can be starring them dead in the face and they won't budge on their political beliefs. Even when their own personal experiences lend out an opportunity to reexamine their views on the world.They remain firm on their positions. It takes a special kind of stubbornness, and ignorance mind you, to remain that narrow minded. Even in the face of adversity.God bless him. I wish him the best and I'm glad he made it back home. but Theo I gotta ask you. Are you really that fucking stupid and naive?

  3. puffncheeba n'stuff says

    looks like i'm #3 in the comment section .better make it a good one………..lame…* sighs

  4. Brink amaniA says

    This looks like a good documentary to bad I'll have to wait till it's on Netflix.

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