The Ridiculously Rich Kids Of The Middle East

high 10 the unbelievable luxurious way of life of teenagers within the center east
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When we image the wealthy and well-known, we think about younger, stunning folks, laying by the poolside with a flowery drink in hand and costly jewels. We additionally are inclined to think about Hollywood stars. However, the younger and carefree aren’t solely inhabiting the glitzy hills of California. Some of the richest youngsters on the planet stay on the opposite aspect of the world.
Middle Eastern teenagers, born right into a world of privilege and cash. In 2012, when a weblog titled ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ launched, these teenagers have been the prime examples of wealth and lavish way of life. In time, spin-offs started to floor, incomes them their very own pages, ‘arabkidsofinstagram’ on Instagram and ‘Rich Kids of Tehran’ on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.
When we consider the wealthy and well-known, our minds are inclined to wander to Hollywood. However, that’s not the one place to seek out younger millionaires sipping champagne and flaunting their riches on Instagram. On the opposite aspect of the world, they’ve some spoiled youths of their very own. Here are a few of the richest youngsters from the Middle East.

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  1. Aalia Selfi says

    if they keep on, I wonder seeing them in the afterlife 😪

  2. Huy Le says

    Must be nice using daddy’s money and have things given to u

  3. Mohammad says

    after you get all the things that you dream off …. what is left to dream about ?

  4. Ulix A says

    This is disguisting…fuck all of them. So, the religion is just for poors?

  5. Ajla K says

    I'm from the Middle East 😂❤️

  6. Rich Kids of Tehran says

    Hey folks RKOT here, I think whoever made this video needs to go back to school and learn a difference between Persian and Arab!

  7. Sol Sol says

    Are you rich enough to donate me a few bitcoins? :p Happy Holidays. Donation to wallet: 1Enrbzz6i6YjNLD2dCGNYcBL4GSP7vVd6z

  8. 006 says

    Fucking money whores, Isis better kill them

  9. Azzy Said says

    as long as i am happy, i dont mind if i am a millionaire or not…. hehehehehe

  10. Hash # says

    Let's see natural resources ending again from this area.

  11. galaxy j says

    lucky they are to enjoy the life with freedom how cool with already so much money that they don't need to work

  12. Pamela La Roda says

    They dance to Pharell's song "Happy"…how lame is that? 🤣

  13. puff puff says

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  14. Nabeel Mahmood says

    Fucking lie …. Only showing fancy parts of non muslims living in dubai in the name of muslims … another fucking game of media another allegation against Islam.

  15. sara saraa says

    What sally says about suzie … says more of sally than suzie … when you hear someone talking they are reflecting thier own vision not whats out there

  16. Arian Bagheri says

    Richest kids in middle east are in Qatar , Turkey and Iran. (Especially in Istanbull(Turkey) and Tehran(Iran)

  17. TomoeXNanami Kamisama kiss says

    I’m Egyptian and beer is in the fridge all the times , and I can go and buy it the markets , i wear bikini and shorts , dresses , guys(Americans) especially please don’t believe anything you hear from the social media cause all of them are bullshit

  18. Yo Huds says

    They are not wearing a scarf because they are not Muslim, just cos they are Arab doesn't mean they are Muslim

  19. Rawaa Alazmi says

    I’m Muslim from kuwait and I’m not forced to wear pretty sure I’m not ever wearing it

  20. Shahariar fardin says

    Propaganda against islam .
    Power and glory belongs to only allah his massanger and believers.

  21. Samuel Mbengu says

    Only if there was no sharia and radical Islam, these girls will be looking extremely sexy.

  22. Trojan Hell says

    Arab countries are going to shit, this all that is left, cheap human beings and the poor not being helped

  23. Trojan Hell says

    I hate these FAGGOT ARABS, ones who live on daddy's oil pay check money….. worthless shit

    You people are hungry and u people fleeing war yet u waste money on GOLD cars….

    Disgusting filthy dogs

  24. Giovanni Bonanno says

    Bible says, "For the Love of Money is the source of all Evil". When you die you can't take the sports cars and houses with you to Heaven or Hell which ever one. Life now is short compared to the Million years or eternity future…

  25. Fahad Alkhamees says

    I live in Kuwait my mom and dad have rolls Royce ghost porchse jaguar sports car and a 4 story 9 bedroom 8 bathroom house and I'm 9 I have 2 Rollie's private yacht + I have proof and my uncle has a baby tiger

  26. Kako Mohammed says

    Man as a half Persian and half Greek I feel bad my my Iranian side is rich and my greek side is poor.

  27. LZhorselover23 says

    Why do people think Rolexes are expensive??? Go 2 China and find things WAYYY more expensive!!!

  28. Samara Williams says

    If my mum and dad where rich why not … although I would also try my best to help where I can aswell

  29. Elegant says

    We aren't rich we just have a good governments taking care of us ^_^

  30. Herbert Dixon says

    Muslem acknowledge Jedus christ or yadhua as a prophet ,Jedus christ say that it is easier for a camel to go throught the eye of a needle ,before a rich man go to heaven,do we know ehere these rich people going, Afican kids are kidnapped, and sold to to rich ARABS, in return they give them as gifts, to there kids, the madter then cut off the slave penis and cut of the female clitoris, How long god gonna tolarate these wicked people.

  31. louai saeedi says

    wtf is this bullshit, I don't recall iran being in the middle east
    plus alcohol is only forbidden in saudi , this video is fucking RIDICULOUS

  32. malak hamad says

    the middle east is very friendly
    btw i know because i live in the middle east

  33. Daniel Kang says

    i dont care what race you are. just please discipline your kids, rich or poor. COME ON! its NOT THAT HARD

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