The other Fire and Fury: decade-old book becomes unexpected bestseller

When it was launched 10 years in the past, Randall Hansen’s book carried out as anticipated, racking up sturdy gross sales that regularly tapered off. But this week the Canadian professor’s 2008 book unexpectedly leapt again on to bestseller lists.

The motive lies within the book’s title – Fire and Fury: The Allied Bombing of Germany, 1942-1945 – only a subtitle away from the Michael Wolff’s explosive exposé of the Trump White House.

“I haven’t seen this level of interest since the book first came out,” stated Hansen, a political science professor on the University of Toronto.

He was in Washington on Friday when Wolff’s book was launched and had joked along with his colleagues concerning the book he had written way back with the identical title.

After dinner on Friday Hansen logged into Amazon and discovered that his book – which explores civilian views on the Allied bombing of Germany throughout the second world conflict – had edged again on to a few of the location’s bestseller classes. “It amused me and part of me thought, can people really be that dumb to be confusing these books?”

In just a few instances, it appeared that this was precisely what had occurred. “I had a couple of bitter comments,” stated Hansen. “There was one tweet, he came forward and said, ‘I bought this book by accident and there’s no way I’m reading it,’ in kind of this accusatory tone. I thought well, ‘it’s not quite my fault, mate.’”

Others had stumbled upon Hansen’s work throughout their seek for Wolff’s book, and had purchased the critically acclaimed book out of curiosity.

Hansen stated he wouldn’t know what number of copies of his book had bought in latest days till his royalty statements got here in subsequent month. But he was delighted that his book was now a part of the broader dialog about Trump and his administration.

While Wolff used fireplace and fury to reference Trump’s menace of conflict towards North Korea, Hansen’s book delves into what fireplace and fury seems to be like in apply, exploring the horrific penalties conflict holds for civilians.

“And we’re talking about that at a moment when we have this warmongering, unstable, deranged demagogue in the White House,” he stated. “So that coincidence actually makes me happier than the sales.”

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