The Keys o the Possible Sale of HTC to Google

Immersed in a vicious circle, the company took a step forward betting along with Valve virtual reality, one of the trends of the years to come. Without this having worked as expected, HTC has continued to make some of the best smartphones, such as HTC U11 or Google Pixel, but has also been in vain.

Such a negative context has caused HTC to analyze different options, such as the possibility of dividing the company into two parts, one dedicated to virtual reality and the second the classic, dedicated to smartphones. According to Bloomberg, acquiring the entire company is not of much interest to a single buyer, while an actor as important as Google would be very interested in acquiring the mobile division, and is that the company is now worth a fifth of what it was worth Five years ago.

After a few weeks, it seems that the process is in its final phase, and Google is closer than ever to acquire the company that last year made the Google Pixel and in its day the Nexus One, being also the manufacturer that bet more by Android in its beginnings, with terminals as representative as the HTC Dream or HTC Magic

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