THE IVORY GAME (Netflix, 2016) – TRAILER

Elephants are disappearing on the staggering fee of 1 each 15 minutes. Their deaths are fueled by the unlawful ivory commerce…
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Elephants are disappearing on the staggering fee of 1 each 15 minutes. Their deaths are fueled by the unlawful ivory commerce, a harmful community of violence and corruption courageous and devoted few are daring to dismantle. THE IVORY GAME exposes the darkish world of ivory trafficking from the planes of Africa to the streets of China. By working with undercover intelligence organizations, activists, frontline rangers and conservationists to infiltrate the corrupt international community of ivory trafficking, the movie evokes each outrage and hope.

A Documentary movie directed by
Release Date : November four, 2016
Genre : Documentary

© 2016 – Netflix

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  1. davemathewsrocks says

    Simply going after poachers will not solve the problem. While they must be caught and prosecuted as per law, as long as there is a demand for ivory, someone of the other will find a way to fulfil that need. Reason is simple – it gets them money.

    What is needed is for all to come together in this fight and go after those who are involved in buying, selling and showcasing ivory and all other forms of illegal animal products as display items or any other consumable and non-consumable products. None of this will happen fully if NGOs, individuals and governments do not collaborate their efforts.

    This incredible documentary is an example of how combined efforts and collaborations of dedicated individuals, organisations and governments are the only way to make improvements and have give more credence to our species as human beings. Pointing fingers, politicising issues, deflecting the problem statements and not declaring self accountability and responsibility are pertinent threats to all global challenges.

  2. Satish jain says

    Kill those bastards. I have seen these animals, they are much more intelligent then what we think they are

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